Re: A Long, Hard Road [SEYoung]Mature

Word Count: 247



Warning: This in not the story of a grand adventurer fighting insurmountable odds nor is it the sob story of a teen who has lost and found himself again through some encounter with a faith. This is the tale of a man looking for an out.


The boring, lengthy trudge home,

Or is it as long as he wishes?

Everyday a repetition of the previous,

SSDD, they'd say in the army.

Or is it?

Is this road home the only one there is?

While many wash, rinse and repeat,

Are their others who search for other paths?

Scores go off through side streets and alley ways,

Hoping to leave the old road behind,

To forget about their past and create a new person.

But is this wise?

To go off and lose oneself,

To become someone entirely new,

To destroy one life, in order to find another.

The astute will say that the original path is the only one,

The correct road.

But those wiser than the erudites

Take the back corridors.

Not as an escape but as a parallel.

Another lane to the same destination.

That one may learn about and change themselves.

So that one can break away from the dull grind

That a single career would bring to their lives.

And in doing so alter the perception of normality

That is held and taught by the system of the world.

Will you accept the everyday?

Or will you search for the long way home?

The End

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