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Finally, the last blow. Right down across his chest, and he was down. I never thought that I could defeat him, or even get close to it. Maybe it was because he had my friends; maybe it was revenge. 

I knelt down on to the ground, blood running down my arm. My head hurt and my throat was dry. Everything around me seem to be faint, but also very real. 

Sounds came from across the way, and I recognized the voices. It was that of my lover. The one of whom I've been fighting for. The one where every step I took, was to save them from this misery. 

I started to run, even though it took every last ounce of energy I had left in me. I ran straight for the sounds. The sounds that terrified me because it reminded me of the day when she was taken. The day when all my hope was rinse away down a stream. Every last drop, just disappearing.

As I finally reached the door, I felt myself pushing back. I didn't know why, but my head felt dizzy and my vision started to blur. I blinked a few times before I placed my hand on the door knob. Even still, I felt like I was going to fall.

Then there she was. Laying down on the ground, bleeding from the mouth. Her eyes were closed and her body seemed life-less. 

I ran towards her. After all that I've done; all that I've gone through just for her to be safe, I couldn't just let her be gone from me! Her smiles; her laugh; her personality; her love...I would die to be in bed with her once more.

I began to give her CPR. Giving her every breath I could give. All my longing for her. All my love...

That's when I saw a movement from the corner of my eye in the shadows. It was faint, but I could tell that someone was here with us. Someone was watching me cry above this body that may as well be life-less. A body that may never be able to move again.

It moved again and that's when I pulled out my sword.

"Hey! Hey! Slow down, Michael." A familiar voice echoed in the room and down the halls.

I pointed my sword at the familiar body. My rage filled me such. "Get away from me, Shaun! I don't want you here!" I yelled out.

Shaun, I could tell, was snickering at me and this girl's body. He started to shake his head. "I'm so sorry that Shannon wasn't able to see you save her and be so heroic. It's such a shame..." Shaun moved closer.

I glanced down at Shannon's body. Her beautiful blonde hair; green eyes that should be showing; and her gorgeous self. I almost forgot Shaun was there until he was speaking in my ear.

"I know, it's a shame, isn't it? All of your dreams being rushed down. Down a difficult, long, dreadful road. And no one will ever know about it." I heard him snickering. "All because of ME!"

I swung my sword around to cut him off. "No...I don't think so..." I pushed him to the ground and I heard his head bang against the wall. I didn't spend much time on that thought as I picked up Shannon and left through the door.

The sunshine burnt my eyes as I made my way home with Shannon in my arms.

Word Count: 583

The End

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