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This is the beginning of a story called Radio I have been thinking of doing, but didn't know where to start. Enjoy!

Daniel folded his arms and shook his head in disappointment. He began to wonder whether he had imagined putting up all of those posters at school. Had no one read them, or had they been dismissed as a bad joke? Today was Saturday, and only two people had come.

One was Gabrielle Simmons, the goalie of the girl's soccer team. She had been his friend up until the fourth grade, where they had slowly grown apart.  It was their second year of middle school now, and they hadn't spoken to each other since then. Now here she was, chomping an apple and shifting her weight from coffee colored leg to coffee colored leg.

The other person was someone Daniel didn't know all that well. She was a new student, and her golden tresses spilled over the book she was reading.

He sighed. He might as well get on with it. Daniel cleared his throat loudly, causing the blond to jump and drop her book.

"Ladies and... well, just ladies. You two have been the only ones curious enough, courageous enough..."

"Yawn." Daniel glared at Gabby and continued.

"...To come this faithful day on which I promised to show you, for a measly five dollars, something that no one has laid eyes on before: a time machine!"

The new girl snorted. "A time machine? Do you really expect us to believe that?"

Daniel raised his brows. "If you don't believe it, than why did you come?"

The girl turned red. "I-I just wanted to see what trick you are up to, that's all."

Daniel smirked. "Listen..."


"Emma. Why don't I give you a demonstration?"

The girls shrugged, and he lead them up the driveway to his garage door. Daniel held aloft a tiny remote.

"Behold! The time machine!" The door rattled to life and slowly lifted away. The girl began to laugh.

"That's a car!" Gabby guffawed.

"And an old one at that!"  Emma giggled.

Daniel rolled his eyes.

"That is not the true time machine. It is simply the body it must inhabit. This," He threw open the door and the girls ventured closer. "This is the time machine!"

Gabby gave Daniel a look. 

"A radio. The 'time machine' is a car radio."

Daniel shook his head.

"Oh ye of little faith," he said getting behind the wheel, "Why dost thou doubt me?"

"Hey!" Emma shouted, "You're too young to drive!"

Daniel started the engine and fiddled with the radio. "I'm not driving."

There was a flash of multicolored light and the car disappeared. Emma screamed.

"What happened?!?"

Gabby shrugged. "I don't know." Both girl began looking around for the car, even walked through the place where the car had been to check and see if it was somehow invisible, which was much more believable. But to know avail.

Gabby turned to Emma. "Maybe we should..." Just then, the car reappeared and Daniel stepped out of it. He smiled at the girls' surprised faces.

"Well, who wants to time travel?"

Emma and Gabby raced each other to the time machine.

The End

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