Re: Adventurers Unite [SEYoung]Mature

The Story of Dirk Alcatar: Cultist of Cthulhu

Word Count: 578



'Adventurers Unite' said the sign. The sign that almost no one noticed. Sitting in a quiet espresso bar, full of people who didn't want an adventure. All they required was a nice cup of coffee. However there was one who saw the sign. Saw it one day as he went to work. Dirk Alcatar, worked in an office. An office that designed websites and signs. A quiet, stable place.

But that was just his day job. Mainly during the weekends but also during those nights when work would be light the next day, he was Dirk Alcatar, cultist of Cthulhu. Much of his spare time was spent in small comic shops and conventions, trying to find recruits. He looked for any who wanted things to change, those that preferred a fictitious land rather than their own, the ones who craved a real adventure.

Luckily living in Seattle, Dirk was in no shortage of prospective neophytes. Every where he looked he saw works of fiction unfolding. Cos players in the parks, writers drinking cappuccinos , and arcades full of gamers. All potential plebes of his lord. Though he was a devout follower he never showed it as publicly as some. While many head hunters dawned full garb and wear of their lords, Dirk preferred a more subtle way of drawing recruits, the art of writing.

And it was through his books that he found many recruits, not from his city, but from cities around the country. At Seacon that year Alcatar met his two most loyal recruits. They were two teens, fresh out of high school, on a road trip for the summer, going from one convention to the next.

“Dude holy crap its actually Dirk Alcatar,” exclaimed one. “I can't believe we are finally meeting you!”

“Neither can I,” the other replied. “I'm Doug and my friend here is James.”

“We've read all your books, and I really enjoyed Addathud: Rise of the New Order.

“Well the pleasure is all mine, its always nice to meet one's fans.” Not sure what to make of the pair, Dirk proceeded slowly with his plan. “So are you two part of the society?”

“If you mean the fan club than yes,” answered Doug. “Been following the newsletter and that's how we heard you'd be here.”

“Well there is that club, but I am talking something a bit more exclusive.”

“What do you mean?” they both questioned.

“It's not a public group, by invite only. Its something only for those who really know my work.” Clearly he had there attention but they seemed cautious.

“What sort of thing would we get out of joining this?” asked James.

“Well for one you'd meet others like yourselves, others interested in the lore of my stories not just reading them for entertainment.”

“We have been trying to find others with our interests. That's part of the reason we came up to Seattle,” explained Doug.

“Yeah we didn't exactly have a tight knit group of friends like we would have liked back home in Nor Cal.”

“Oh so you two are from California eh? Well we could help with that.”

“We? What do you mean we?” James enquired.

“I mean the others within the community. Together we learn and write about Cthulhu. Something I imagine you two would rather enjoy and be successful at.”

“What do you think James? I think it sounds like fun.”

“We've got nothing else to do this summer.”

“Excellent,” replied Dirk.

The End

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