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I stood on the precipice of a great cliff made of white stone. Beneath the clouds a magnificent valley spread before me. Above them floated great islands, covered in grass and littered with small waterfalls that evaporated into the cool morning breeze.

I'd never wanted to be here. I'd been thrown here. Thrown into this crazy world while just trying to make my way home from the junior college. Life seemed so simple back then. So calm.

It'd been about a week since I had escaped, at least I figured as much. Time didn't exactly work correctly in this place. The sun and the moon ran their own erratic schedules, and often times found themselves meeting each other in the sky.

The woman who had promised me so much. Enticed me. But it had all been lies. She was some sort of noble here. It didn't mean the same thing it did back home. Hard labor, butler, soldier, sex slave, I'd had to do it all. That is until my 'promotion. When she had recognized my abilities here. She made me some sort of secret soldier, meant to wield her power and do as she willed. I hadn't bought into that. She, and many of her loyal servants, had learned that the hard way.

Pain shot through my entire body and I fell to my knees. I gripped at my wrist, attempting to put pressure on the wound so it would stop hurting. Just for once.

Eventually it subsided to a familiar pounding in the back of my mind. I wasn't entirely my own now. Not sure I ever would be again. I glanced down at my joint. The long gash steadily flashed a bright blue.

She had been a creature of the river. When she had made me one of her chosen, she had slit my wrist and plunged it deep into the blue depths. Part of my blood was now that water. Her water. It affected my body. Gave me power. Much more than I had controlled before. I could do things with my mind. But it came at a price. I acted differently. Thought differently. And it routinely reminded me who exactly my boss was meant to be.

I looked out over the vast landscape again. It was beautiful now that I thought of it. Most of this world was. Beautiful in ways humans could never truly imagine. But it was deceptive. Just moments before I had been forced to kill a spider the size of a two story building. And that wasn't an irregular occurrence.

I didn't even know what this place was really. I'd asked the other slaves about it. No one agreed.

A tentacled people I could rarely understand insisted that this was the only world, that there was no others and to think that there were was, was simply stupidity. Their elders always had a hard time explaining me though.

Goblins were sure that this was an odd mix between heaven and hell, your place in it determined by how you lived your life beforehand.

Trolls however told a much different story. They called this place the Otherworld. Sat around fires and recalled an ancient day where their people migrated here after their home was consumed by a race that destroyed all others. A place that, at times, sounded a hell of a lot like Earth.

It didn't matter much at this point though. I was on the run now. An army pursued me. This was some sort of sick adventure now, and I had to escape. If only I knew how.


Word Count: 600!

The End

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