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"And so the adventurers united and went on a mystical quest to..." the book's words stopped in Saul's head as he slammed the book shut and threw it across the room in frustration.

There was a loud screech of "MEEOOOOWW!" as the paperback impacted with the unfortunate form of the cat which had previously been having a five minute nap on the couch after a long and tiring afternoon of chasing birds and disembowelling mice. The cat, highly offended from being woken from its slumber, shot Saul an irritated look and slinked through the door into the next room: maybe it wouldn't be so thoughtlessly disturbed there.

Saul gritted his teeth in frustration as he slumped back into the chair he'd been sitting in. Stupid fantasy novels. Why did they always have to be so clichéd? He lived in perpetual hope of one day opening one and seeing an original story; but only disappointment had been bound within the covers of most of the books he'd read. It couldn't be hard to make up an original plot in fantasy, surely? After all, anything was possible in the realm of the imagination...

He hated the endless shelves of books put forward as "the next Tolkien" and recommended by "reminds me highly of Terry Pratchett" that lined the libraries and bookshops. He didn't want to read about elves and dwarves again. He didn't want to see another magical realm ruled by an evil sorcerer. Damsels in distress? Stuff them.

It wasn't that he didn't like fantasy. He'd enjoyed "the Lord of the Rings trilogy" and various other series like David Gemmell's Drenai sagas. It was just that... well, he just wanted something different; something new; something less overused.

Suddenly, an idea struck him: why didn't he write some fantasy fiction? It would be daring; it would be like nothing anyone had ever seen before; it would be everything he wanted from a story. Saul launched off his chair, newly invigorated, narrowly missing the cat's tail(it had wandered in once more during his inner monologue, thinking the coast was now clear) and strolled fearlessly towards the study and his desktop...

Two hours later, Saul stared proudly at his handiwork: a whole finished chapter. He smiled smugly to himself and scrolled back to the start to read it over - just to make sure the story flowed properly (he'd just really written whatever ideas were at the forefront of his mind: it wasn't exactly planned well). He started to scan the piece critically but stopped soon afterwards, having read a certain line, and laid his head in his arms - clearly upset.

The line? It ecstatically proclaimed: "... and the banner read: ADVENTURERS UNITE!"

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The End

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