Adventurers Unite!Mature

Sorry for the different time-zones.

Prompt Challenge for week commencing Monday 4th April is now closed. Voting can begin! Please comment on this page to vote, everyone is eligible to choose their favourite, so please do. The winner will be announced next Monday with the closure of the next Prompt Challenge.

The prompt for the week beginning Monday 11th April is: Adventurers Unite!

Please make your title "Re: Adventurers Unite! []" then write your username enclosed in square brackets.

Any personal title can be added at the top of your entry.

Please include a word count after your entry (remember it must be between 200-600), titles are not included in this.

After your title, entry and wordcount you may add any notes or explanations you see necessary. This will not count towards the wordcount, however, please don't write loads for this.

Make sure you make an effort to read other people's entries for the week so that you can vote!

Prompt Challenge Officially START! (Closing time: Midnight, Sunday 17th April.) This will be UK time.

~Cura :D

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