Re:When? [SEYoung]Mature

When Did it Change?

When did life become about what the future holds? How will one work? How will one survive? 

What happened to when is recess? When is it time to play? When is it time for fun? 

Science says hormones and the natural process of maturity cause these changes. 

Where did science gather this information? Through school? Through work? Through a system. 

A system that creates professionals from children. Men from boys, women from girls. 

When was this system created? At the dawn of man? At the dawn of time? 

How does this system determine who succeeds and who fails? 

From the time of birth, the beginning of learning? 

How has the system endured, when it judges based on learning? 

What can one do, who doesn't follow the system? Who learns another way. Who fights it. 

The system dooms them to fail. When one doesn't "mature" like everyone else, they are doomed to fail. 

Is that their fault?  


It is the fault of science, of society, of the system. 

A system created by the science of society to explain why these things change. 

Why recess becomes work. Becomes survival.  

What will happen to those that fail? 

Will they simply be out of sight and out of mind? 

Or will they be like me? Challenging the system. Fighting it. 

Without changes, the process of maturity will end. The system will not mature 

I do not fight the system. I fight for changes to the system. So that it survives. 

So that future generations will have the system. 

Not a system of judgment. A system of change. 

A system to explain when we changed not why. 

A system that explains when we need to work, instead of play. 

So will you join me? Will you risk failure? 

Will you fuck the system? 

Or should I ask 



Word Count: 304

The End

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