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The day had seemed fairly ordinary. I had just been let out of a particularly irritating class and was walking my normal route home. It was a small out of the way dirt trail bordered by a rocky creek. Twisted trees overhung the shallows, their leaves casting light shadows in the warm summer sun. I inhaled deeply, trying to forget my day.

That's when the world changed. I felt drops falling on my neck, my abruptly wet t-shirt clinging to my back, the chill of the sudden arctic air on my skin.

I looked around. The air was white with fog. Soft rain fell from above me. Where the brook had once lay, an enormous river now sprawled, rushing off into a magnificent landscape layered in forest and dotted with mountains.

The air smelled of life. I could hear birds chirping. The sounds of woodland creatures running in the undergrowth. Soft footsteps.

A figure appeared in the fog ahead of me. It was a woman, of sorts. She wore a long flowing dress the same color as her skin, a deep blue. Her body sang of feminine grace, the neckline of her gown falling steeply to her waist, but her face was alien. Red roots grew from her head as though hair, pulled back in a ponytail that fell over one of her smooth shoulders. Her ears were pointed and curled at the tips. Eyes as cold as ice but as lively as the rapids flashed as she approached me.


My mind blanked. As the scenery changed my brain had attempted to catch up, but the woman was too much. It threw up it's hands and left me on my own. I sputtered some incoherent syllables.

She smiled but it didn't touch her eyes, “A learned one at that.”

She closed the gap between the two of us quickly, her hips rolling like the tide. She placed a hand on my shoulder and I shivered. She was cold, but I couldn't help the attraction to her. She was more alluring than anyone I had ever met, and I just couldn't place why.

She put her hand to my chin and turned my head. I didn't resist as she turned her eyes to mine, staring deeply. I could feel her searching through me, and I didn't mind. I waited on her words. Waited on her judgment.

“You are interesting,” she said, the same smile adorning her beautiful face, “Perhaps you are a gift from my Lady.”

“Lady?” I felt myself stutter.

This time the edges of her eyes crinkled with her smile, “All in time, my pet.”

She wrapped her arm around my waist and my soul leaped in uncontrollable joy. That feeling of first love you only experience once, had struck me twice. My heart flew and my legs nearly collapsed beneath me. A grin sprang to my face.

“I will show you paradise,” the woman said as she led me into the fog. I didn't notice the cruel smirk that touched her lips for only the briefest of moments.

That was how I found myself in the Otherworld. I never left.


Word Count: 530

The End

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