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I was walking along the promenade when it first happened. It was a beautiful day, with the white sun shining against the blue sky. I looked down from the green rails and saw the brown-ey yellow of the wet sand, and further up, the drier, golden sand. The blue sea refected the sky as it glistened like sequins, the foam on top as white as snow but, of course, a lot warmer. If only I'd known that that day was when... I can't even bear to say it.

I laughed slightly as the sea spray lightly covered my face and hair after crashing against the seaweed-covered rocks. Going to sit down on the surprisingly clean bench, I wondered if my day could get any better. I relaxed, loving the feeling of the sun on my body.

Suddenly, the bright sun was blocked by... well, I don't know what, or why. But it was blocked, making the world seem darker, in only a few seconds. I glanced up, confused to see a solar eclipse. The edge of the sun was the only thing you could see, the rest filled with an endless black.

I stared around, but, to add to my confusion, no-one else seemed to notice. They were all acting normal, and now that I think back to that day, everywhere but around where I was, it was as though nothing had ever happened - as sunny as anything. I tried to walk about but, strangely, my legs would not move.

After about 3 minutes, but felt like half an hour, something happened. These...Shadows came out. From nowhere. They slithered up to me, turning and twisting all the time. There was lots of them - at least 100, but soon merged into one. It made a large circle around me, and moved around, enclosing me. I was terrified. Why me? I thought.

Soon, they were about half a metre away. I tried to back away, but just bumped into them. They were very rough but, somehow, slimy at the same time. I tried to jump over them, but it was as though there was an invisible wall, it was impossible. Then, they spread out, so that they were a bubble of pitch-black darkness around me. Slithering under my bare feet, I squirmed as the slimy touch of the shadows went inbetween my toes.

My stomache did a couple of flips as the shadow bubble lifted me up, so that I - we - were flying. Some sort of gas was released as my body got weaker and weaker as my body drifted into unconciousness.

I woke up where I wasn't familiar.


Word Count: 436

Promt: When the shadows first captured him/her.

The End

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