Re: When? [Pieces.Of.You]Mature


"You could have done that slowly, so I could take a longer look." He smiled and even let out a chuckle." His smile instantly turned to shame as he realized that what he had just said, was clearly much different than the words that I heard.

"Is that my job; to show my ass to you, whenever you want? Is that why you married me?" He shakes his head no and mouths the word, but no sound escapes his lips. We've been here before.

I stare into his eyes, silent, but I go too deep, too far and now I've lost him. The memories wash over me like a flood; violent, raging waters that carry lifeless bodies, pain, and a mutilated childhood. I collapse into a heap of nothingness onto the floor, silent still. I fight the rush of the current with all my strength and pretend I'm fine. He speaks. I don't hear him. I'm losing the battle.

Here I lay, alone on the floor of the bedroom we share, sobbing... resisting. Tears fight their way through the gaps between my fingers; like bars on a cage, they press tight against my eyes, desperately trying to hold back the pain. Going, going... gone.

Convulsing, I lose the fight. Pain bursts from my chest, my heart, my mind. The room is filled with an echo as the cries of a child escape- 100 nameless faces, haunting me; taunting me. If only it were the just the faces I see! Why didn't anyone save me? Rescue me? Slit my throat and free me? My fingers won't let me write the desperate words I scream. 

"I'm here, baby." He's holding me, rocking me, my drenched face to his chest. "Let the tears out; don't hold your breath. Breath baby... breath."

"Oh, God! When will it stop?"


Word Count: 303

The End

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