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I was eight years old when my family died at the hands of the vampires. It was then when I made myself promise I will hunt those who killed them.

At twelve years old I killed my first vampire and for ten years it became my hobby killing those deadly beast. But I have been hunting one monster for the past two years and killing some others in between.

His name was Gabriel. His name hunted me since I was eight because he was the one that order my family's death. Tonight it was my turn to order his death. 

I was in Oklahoma searching for him. Why he pick Oklahoma? I don't know it was an OK state but not one of my favorites.

The wind whisper against my ears as I listen for Gabriel. I knew he was a sneaking bastard but I could easily find him in the night.

I found him. A smile spread across my face.

"Raven." He carelessly said my name like we were old friends. "We finally met at last."

"Indeed. To bad it's been to long." I faced him.

"We at last get to do our dance." He said as he jumped down from the tree with a smile on his face.

"To bad it will be your last." I clenched my teeth.

"Oh Raven thats what you think." He came closer to me. I wanted to back away but after ten years fighting and training myself to finally kill Gabriel, there was no way I would show him my fear. "Lets dance." He flew at me.

I dodge him by flinging to the left. I pulled out one of my knives and waited until he came at me again. I didn't wait long in seconds he was at me again. This time I stabbed him in the gut. I left the knife in him. Big mistake.

He pulled out my knife and licked his blood off of it making me gag just a little. I went full speed towards him with my other knife as I was about to hurt him once more my knife that he had went into my shoulder. Pain sprang through my body. 

He licked the knife once more and smile. "Your blood tastes so good. Can't wait to have more of it."

"Thats all you gonna get." I snarled. I pulled out my sword.

"Ah finally Raven we are doing things my way." He pulled out his own sword. 

Our weapons clashed for awhile. I will end this! Gabriel is going to die tonight even if I will have to die as well. 

I screamed. My shoulder was killing me as I fought. This needs to end now before I lose to much blood. I pulled out my stake from my waist belt. This time I was the one that charged at him.

My stake pierce his heart. He tossed me into a tree even more pain went through me. I smiled as I saw his heart bleed in front of me. He laughed.

"Oh Raven you think you have won. But you haven't." He pulled the stake out. I was breathless. I knew that wouldn't kill him immediately since he was almost a thousand years old I was only hoping to slow him down. Gabriel looked up to the sky. "Sun is rising. I will fight you again my dear but until then," He came closer to me and kissed me. "Our dance is not over."

He left me sitting against the tree as the sun rose and I will meet him again.

Word Count: 598

Prompt story was: When Raven had her first fight against Gabriel.

Hope you enjoy!

The End

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