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The Interview

“Curious, that you would ask such an uninteresting question.” My eyes lingered over the young girl’s petite frame, causing me to grin. The simple gesture elicited a form of shock over her soft features. Leaning back into the cushioned chair, I collected my thoughts.

“Let me start from the beginning.” I could feel the memory of that night eagerly return, the intoxicating taste still lingering upon my tongue teasing me with pleasure. “These events occurred on a brisk November night, I still remember the virgin flakes of snow caressing the forest grass. The moon had decided to reveal herself before me, clothing my body in luminous silver rays. Crickets sung their midnight lullabies and the wind nipped kindly at my ears, yet I continued my hunt.” I could feel the ecstasy of that night brimming in my mind at the mere mention of the word hunt.

“I remember my footsteps made not a single sound upon the forest path as I wove my way deeper into the foliage. Step after step, I could feel my heart pounding like the thundering hooves of a horse set wild. It was then that I heard their melodious laughter. Their dark dancing shadows shimmering around the liquid pool as toads croaked nearby."

"I could feel myself drift from the trail, closer and closer to the two childish teens. Why both of them were out there on such a cold night I’ll never know. A shiver ran up my spine, not from the icy chill but from the exhilaration of discovering my prey.” My brow furrowed a bit as the reporter leaned closer to me. I could smell the sweet fragrance of her perfume slithering through the air and constricting around my nostrils. Her sparkling blue eyes glued to me, begging me to continue my tale. 

“The two were curled up together against an old oak near the lake; I could see small patches of fog hover near their mouths as they each exhaled.” I grinned. “I had so little time too.” I said, almost sorrowful, at how that night had ended.

“I walked up to the two, gently, so that I would not disturb their quaint conversation. The boy looked up at me, his Hazel eyes frozen in fear and confusion. I stared at him, knowing that my instinct would take effect. The boy’s eyes dulled and his body loosened slightly. He obeyed the easy command I gave him, leaving the girl to enjoy my company. When I took my seat next to her, she gazed upon me with wonder, trapped in the coils of my smile. She introduced herself to me,” I hummed warmly remembering the name.

“Katerina, such a royal name, I took her hand in my cold grasp and kissed it. She jumped slightly at the kiss, only calming when I gazed into her eyes. I shifted closer to her, my nose lingering near her neck.” I shut my eyes and took a deep draft of the air, expecting to smell her presence. “That’s when I found my moment and took a bite of my young meal. You’d be amazed how fast blood drains from a body and how sweetly it tastes, like nectar.” I licked my lips and grinned wickedly to the inquisitive female reporter.

“I never knew what life was truly like until it gushed from a vein and filled me with warmth.” The reporter stiffened in her seat, visibly nervous. I chuckled lightly, her eyes quickly narrowed.

“What’s so funny?” she asked, worried.

“I didn’t think I would be dining out tonight,” I said flashing my fangs. 


Word Count: 599

Do enjoy, this was a treat for me to muse upon and write.  ~Devlin

Note: Written from the perspective of a male vampire. My interpretation of the prompt: "When did you kill your first...victim?" 

The End

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