Prompt Challenge!Mature

The weekly prompt challenge! It doesn't matter who you are just come and join in! Everyone is welcome, all stages, ages and mages... seriously I couldn't think of anything else to rhyme.

This is a challenge that anyone can join at any week. I will post a prompt on the Monday and anyone who wants to can post their own little chapter using the prompt as inspiration. The entries can be between 200-600 words long. You may include an explanation of why you wrote it/how you got to that story from the prompt, it will not count towards the word count.

The next week while the next prompt is running the posters and readers will vote on whose was the best and that weeks winner will be announced at the end of that next week..


  • Yes you can post poems. 
  • Fanfiction is okay as well. Just make sure you add a disclaimer.
  • You can have swearing, I will mark this as mature, however, keep it to a minimum.
  • You are not required to take part every week.
  • If you can get other authors – perhaps newbies who want to get recognized – interested in this.
  • Feel free to give constructive criticism and other feedback to participants.
  • Have fun!

Any questions? Post them in the comments section below!

All prompts and winners will be posted below.

Prompt beginning Monday 4th April:
Winner: horsemedic (with six votes).
Runners up (two or more votes): VictoriaGrace - 4 votes, Eloosive - 3 votes, SilverGirl - 2 votes.

Prompt beginning Monday 11th April:
Winner: Miserabilia (with five votes).
Runners up (two or more votes): zxvasdf - 2 votes.

Prompt beginning Monday 18th April:
Tied Winners: HeyJude and Birdie (both with two votes)
Runner up (all other nominees): xkatieshephard - 1 vote

The End

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