Chapter 3; Down to Business.Mature

"Others?" I said, still staring into Lieutenant Aden's green eyes, "What others, Lieutenant? There are no others."

"But sir," responded the other man, "I was told that-"

"That you'd be part of a team? Yeah, me, too. There are some others in cold storage, but for now it's just us."

We took a while to case the area - find the best staging grounds if we should have to fight, set some "surprises" up for the enemy, and take care of a few other things - then, we headed home for the night.

Ring! Ring! BANG. It was the next morning, and my alarm clock had made the mistake of going off early - the thing was busted, it always malfunctioned - so, I taught it a little lesson.

I'd been dreaming of the night my parents died.

To my left, the bedroom door exploded inward, the wood around the knob splintering and cracking, and Lieutenant Aden peered across the room at me, eyes still puffy from sleep, from behind his Glock.

"My alarm clock malfunctioned, Lieutenant. It's alright. I am seriously not a morning person."

"Ever heard of a snooze button?"

"Yeah! I call it a trigger!"

We both shared a laugh, then went back into our respective rooms to get ready for the day. When we were both set, I handed Aden his new identification, which I'd picked up the previous night before our meeting.

"Ok, Mr. Brian Adams, you are to report to your new job as a security officer," here I paused to hand him his security tag, "at nine o'clock sharp. As for me - well, I'll be going as Tim Browning, and I've been unemployed for about a year now. Your service pistol," I said as I handed him the pistol, "and your new uniform," again, I handed him the navy blue shirt and trousers, as well as a black leather belt with a holster and a blue cap.

As the Lieutenant headed for the door, I called, "I'll be tracking down some leads to that lab we're supposed to find. I was hoping we could wrap this up quick - grab a sample of the virus, get it back t0 the government, and go home."

"It's never that easy."

"We can only try."

The End

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