Project AegisMature

In the year 2017, the United States government initiated Project Aegis as a means of safeguarding the U.S. and its allies from the increasingly hostile states of North and South Korea. This project included the formation of the Directorate of International Security, or D.I.S. This is the story of Null Squad, a team in the service of the D.I.S. that officially does not exist.

I stared down through the scope of my M40 rifle, waiting for the first of several other operatives to walk into the crosshairs. Suddenly, I saw a figure step into place. I stood up, fixed my medium-length, blond hair, and began the descent from the hill I was standing on to the small pool building below.

            I’m rather heavy – and heavy-looking, for that matter – but most of it’s muscle mass. I stand full-height at just over 6’3”, and my eyes are a strange shade of orange. My name is Jonathan Petrov.

            As I continued my descent, I lowered my rifle and removed my dark sunglasses and utility cap.

            I entered the old, rotten-smelling pool area and walked past the stagnant water to the back, entered the men’s locker room and realized that the figure I’d seen before was, indeed, one of my fellow agents.

            “Hey,” I said as I approached the figure, which I couldn’t quite make out, as it was after dark outside in this remote area of New York and the lights were off in the locker room, “I’m Jon Petrov. Welcome to the squad.”

The End

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