Ahh... this is a hard one... lets see... I'll probably be really rubbish at it...anyway...

I would take a few people with me to wherever the child is being held. I would tell these people to distract the capturers. I would help them until I knew where the kid was then I would pretend to give up. Beforehand I would have told the others to stay and argue. Then I would go and find the child. I would quietly go and get him and put him somewhere safe. Then I would put something like a time bomb far away. Then I would go and get the others. I'd say something like:

"Come on. It's only gonna get us killed as well as the child" and if it turned into a fight between us and the capturers then I would fight. Then I would take everyone and the kid away, fast. And then the time bomb would explode causing the capturers to be killed/seriously injured.

This is probably totally rubbish and everyone else is gonna write a better one...

The End

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