The Entree's!


I'm Emily Autumn Mariah McGlashan. (Not that you really needed to know my whole name). I dark brown curly hair. It has red streaks that don't show very well. It also has one blonde streak that my mum put in when she was testing some heir dye. Its mostly at the bottom now coz my hair grew. My eyes are really dark brown, almost black. I'm not very photogenic so most of my smiles on pictures look more like grimaces. I have no idea how tall I am but my mum thinks I'm about 5 foot 2. 

I have a great group of friends. They think I'm odd, random, weird and crazy. But in a good way. They also think I'm kind and caring. And they wont let me disagree. I'm in string orchestra 9playing the violin) and choir (singing the really high stuff). 

I can keep a secret. Probably because I forget what the secret was after a while. My room is normally a mess. I'm addicted to protag and spend most of my time on it. I do not like snow. It annoys me. I liked it before it prevented me from going to school and trapping me inside all day. I often write about nonsense and quite a lot of the time it doesn't make sense. Wait, that's why it's called 'nonsense. Oh yeah, I have LOADS of bad luck. No kidding. Ask Cherrywrite and Element. 

I don't really like being outdoors. I like to read a lot. I have a sister called Rachel who is 11, and a sister called Jeana who is 4. My mum is called Tracey and my stepdad is called Danny. 

I think that's it... :D

The End

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