The Entree's!

My name is Aleena and I'm 12. I have of good will, I always keep my promise due to my phenomenon memory (I remember when I went to the seaside when I was 3 and I dropped my monster munch packet on the sand then picked it up and put it in the bin). I care for the enviroment very much and the people around me, I love drawing and inspiring people, for exsmaple my little sister I tough her Manga art, also I enjoy playing the guitar and making up my own songs about the world around us in my own words. I don't give up and I think that is an important thing to lead a good and healthy life. I have a "Jotter" where I write note about places I go people I and also music I write and drawings. I love fairy's and mythical creatures even though I think there real, I got the inpiration from dad mostly. I love fashion and shopping and girly stuff like that, also i love watching movies my favorites ones are:

1. Click

2. water boy

3. Twilight and new moon

And many many more. Most of my friend think I'm funny and I've got a good sense of humor, so I like to have a good laught every now and then. Once I find a book I like I find it obsessive (once I read for a whole day) and that where my inperation for writing storys came from. I love reading books by Jacquline Wilson also Stephine Mayer. I like reading stuff about thing that happen in real life but also about mythical creatures. My real craze about vampires and zombie came from reading the worlds greatest freaks (One of my dad old books from the 90's) where it has stuff about people turning into to zombies and vampires and wearwolfs (I've got a very big imagination). Also I love ducks (Read my story DUCK and you'll find more about my craze)  and I love writing about them, also I like writing about vampires and zombies and reality (Read Enchanted love). I'm not that much of a fan of T.V but I am of Lost and Eastender's.

More of my hobbies:

1. watching movies then crying at the end of them.

2.Playing my beloved guitar (But my fingers kill after).

3. reading.

4. Listen to music (Paramore, muse ect ect....)

5. Shopping with mates and mum.

6. Hanging out and chillaxing.

7.Watching lost.

8.Talking rubbish to great friend which I love (As friends).

9. Eating chocolate bunny's head of but regretting it after.

10. Being mee xD!!

The End

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