Prelude II - Rebecca

Rebecca stood looking at the house in front of her, having parked in a side street and crossed the road. Number 18, she was looking for number 6. She looked to her lefe - ascending, then to the right - descending. She turned to her right and started walking. The houses were mainly terraced houses, counting dow the numbers, she noticed some of them had neat little front gardens, but some had been paved or some just had tarmac covered recesses for parking cars.  When she reaced number 8 her thoughts were interupted by the sound of someone shouting her name.She stopped and looked in the direction of the hail. A man was walking toward with his hand outstretched. He was smiling, but his smile unerved her. She felt irritated both at the intrusion and and at the fact she had no idea who he was.

"Do I know?" She enquired.

"No" He replied, "But you will"

His reply irritated her even more, as did the fact that his smile now appeared to be something between amuzement and an out an out lear. She disliked him instantly. Lost in her own thoughts she realized he was speaking again, she only caught the end of what he as saying.  "....number 6" That was the house she was headed to, how did he know that.

"Why do you ask?", she said, suspiciously.

"Because that's where I'm headed" He said.

She blinked at him. The realisation dawning on her that he was part of the team. Her heart sank. Without saying another word she resumed walking. He fell in step with her

"I'm David, by the way, the man said. "In case you were wondering.

She looked at him sideways, but said nothing.

When they reached the house David stepped forward and banged his fist hard against the wood. She flinched at the force he used and stepped back slightly as they waited for someone to open the door. The response to his knock was quick, and the man wh opened the door took a step forward to look out at the street before stepping to the side to let them both in.

"I see you two have met then" Said the man who had opened the door. "Everyone else is in there.." He waved his hand to indicate the door in front of them. "Except Bill, he's not here yet."

David stepped forward, pushing the door open, then turned back to Rebecca  bowing his head slightlywaving his arm in a flourish. "After you" He said. She looked at his face, there was that damn smile again, as if taunting her. The gap between David and the door frame was narrowed and she had to brush past him to get through.

Once inside she felt more comfortable. The room was quite large, a couch along the wall opposite themn and several chairs along the adjacent wall. She made her way to one of the seats and had barely sat down when there was another loand bang on the front door. Mmmm - must be Bill, she thought.






The End

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