Prelude I - David

The is the Prelude to my Story 'Coypucat'.
It introduces the reader the Characters.

At the end of a a pretty ordinary street a man stood. He was dressed casually in slightly scruffy jeans and an oversized sweatshirt which was emblazoned with the name of a band across the back of it. That is to say that it would have been, except for the fact that it had been worn and washed so many times that most of the writing had long since disinegrated into the waters of the washing machine. This was his usual garb, downbeat and unremarkable. Most of the people that passed him barely even noticed that he was there.

The man himself, on the other hand, was acutely aware of every person, every house, every car that passed and, yes, even every dog that lived in the street and which house it lived in. He had been watching this street for two weeks now and he knew just about everything there was to about. He could describe pretty much every one that lived in it, which house they lived in and which car they drove. What he didn't know was anybodys' name because  no one ever spoke to him. To everyone else in the street  he was just one of those kids that always hung around. That was his gift - he could blend in just about anywhere, so to everyone else he was all but invisible. By the time they had got to their front doors they had forgotten they had even seen him.

To-day though things were slightly different. To-day he was watching someone that he hadn't seen around here before. To-day, if anyone had noticed him they might have observed that a slight frown had crept onto his forhead, and that, instead of his usual slouched position leaning against one of the low, stone front garden walls, he was stood perceptively more upright. Because to-day, she was there. This was the person he had spent the last two weeks waiting for. Because to-day he had to reveal himself, finally.

He watched her for a little while longer. She was not like him at all. She was anything but ordinary. To him she was beautiful. Her thick,dark hair fell around her shoulders, her lips where turned up at the edges in an almost perpetual smile. As he walked towards her his breath caught in his throat as he got close enough to see her dark, smouldering eyes. He checked himself. No one had mentioned just how good she looked when he had taken this assignment. Inspite of himself, as he approached her, he couldn't help but smile

"Rebecca??" He asked as he thrust his hand toward her by way of a greeting.

She looked at him as if seeing him for the first time. As was, in fact the case. She, like everyone had not noticed him when she had first walked onto the street and made her way towards house number 6, the house  designated as the venue for her meeting. She looked him up and down.

"Do I know you?" She enquired. She was slightly irritated by the intrusion of this strange man. She was in a hurry to get to the meeting that she had been informed was of the upmost importance.

"No" He replied, now grinning at her discomfort "But you will!

"Looking for number 6?" He asked, nonchalantly.

She glared at him, "Why do you ask?" She countered, disturbed by this man who seemed to know way too much.

"Because that's where I'm headed" He said, still smiling.


The End

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