We have a tendency to point out eachother's flaws,

But forget to mention our strengths.

Forget to remember everything that makes us beautiful.

We go around judging other people.

Saying that they're ignorant and rude.

But when we go around sticking up our nose,

Are we really that different? 

Are we really as much better as we think we are?

We've become the very thing we're disgusted by in others. 

We judge people by how they look,

How they walk and talk,

What they're wearing and who they're with. 

So how can we say,

"Don't judge a book by its cover", 

If that's exactly what we're doing?

We wait and watch just to point and laugh,

When someone falls.

So we're just the same.

The very same thing we swore we'd never become.

Sometimes we do it without thinking.

Sometimes it's almost automatic.

And that's the scary part. 

The End

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