Shift: Escape

"Whz'kd, you have been charged with three counts of murder and serious injury towards a fellow Z'york on behalf of your father who could not be here, how do you plead?"

"Not guilty," he muttered.

"Prosecution, please present your case," the judge called.

The door of the barrier that kept him in his box slid open, the prosecutor stepped forward and a thin circle of light appeared under his foot. The circle moved him closer to the prison, floating.

"I trust the video feed has already been played to the judge, there is no need to repeat this," the prosecution sighed, "for the sentimental beings out there, let me say that this child is by no means morally blameless... it is well known that he has thrice meandered through restricted data feeds, and in response to the impending court sentence, he took the criminals response and fled the scene..." then he floated over to us, giving us a look of disdain. I wanted to punch him so hard in the face, " earth," suddenly there came several raucous jeers from a partitioned part of the public seating area. Judging from the big number of guns, I guessed they were prisoners.

"Shut your faces you stupid alien freaks!"  I yelled  back, "I could take you all on any day!"  they all got really angry and began fighting with the guards. They grabbed their guns and began jumping down towards us.

"ORDER! ORDER!" the judge shouted.

One of the prisoners shot at the judge, and killed him. Immediately the guards went into action, drawing batons that seemed to be electrically charged. They also had wierd blue energy riot shields. They advanced slowly cornering them off whilst other guards lowered the bars and took Whizzkid away.

I jumped down and followed the guards. They had to bypass the criminals to get to the gates. Taking advantage of the moment of confusion as Whizzkid was lost in the sea of people, we switched places, I turning into him. He crawled along the floor and Geckoboy grabbed hold of him. Taking him to one of the several ventilation chutes within the walls of the seats.

The guards poked and prodded me through the gates once they'd "found" me again, leading me and several other criminals through a passageway and into a containment cell. It was a small space surrounded by the same energy bars.

I left it for an hour as everything died down. There was only one guard and he was stood in front of my cell. I stuck my hand out from the bars, turning my arm into a sword, I stabbed him in the back. Looking around seeing that no one else was watching, I turned into a fly and flew through the bars.

I seemed to be a little lost, so i was just floating around doing nothing. It was alot better than being in that small, cramped space. I heard voices coming towards me, and then Whizzkid appeared, leading Geckoboy and Tom towards me.

"I have recalibrated a V-655 detachment vestibule to malfunction," I looked at Tom expectantly.

"He broke an escape pod, they've noticed but haven't sent anyone to fix it yet, basically we are going to send you to Earth where the pod will explode, they will believe he is dead whilst your power will save you," then he turned to Whizzkid nervously, "then we hope that they will send us back to earth behind you, of course whizzkid will have to sneak in the teleportation... now..."

"Let's do it!" I said.

We all followed Whizzkid, through lots of corridors and turns, until eventually coming up to the escape hatches.

"How do you know where you're going? Have you been here before?" i asked

"All Z'york vessels adhere to the same primitive architectural design, the structure of a Logarithmic spiral, clearly any circumvent apparatus would be in the vicinity of this ships exterior," I couldn't be bothered with a translation so I just went with it, "now get in!" he said.

I walked into the hatch and got into the correct pod, indicated by Whizzkid. I could tell i was going to feel something... I felt a massive shudder and it all went black by the sound of an explosion.

The End

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