Tom: Z'yorks of Z'yordican

Shift took the water, I saw his form fizzle and change to a crococdile.

Geckoboy and I ran along the service path, he led the way, listening to Whizzkids direction.

We reached a corner.

They looked human, tall with dark hair and vivid green eyes, but they had a very unsettling feel about them. Their skin was pale and waxy, expressionless and rather bland and they moved precisely. They all wore red armour.

One remained behind, their fingertip of their glove extended outwards and seemed to plug into an electricity service hatch. In moments everything became very dark as they got out their weapons. There were several shots of some sort of plasma, it shimmered a cream colour.

"I feel like I've seen you before..." Geckoboy said, whilst avoiding a bullet. At the same time a crocodile leapt out of the water. He nearly fainted.

Immediately the closest two came at me with some energy axes. They glimmered in the dark, creating eerie trails as they swung down. I dodged the attack instinctively and drew my twin blades. Geckoboy skittered across the walls and ceilings in an attempt to avoid the bullets that hounded him.

They were overpowering me, I could barely see where the next attack was coming from in the dark. I heard Geckoboy cry out in pain.

Suddenly the lights flicked on again.

I blocked one attack, my swords in an axe and flicked my blades to disarm my opponent. I rolled aside to block myself from the other guy and sliced at the one in front of me. I could see slight pain in his eyes, but the wounds seemed to slowly heal themselves.

One swung at me, I ducked and he hacked his friend in the ribs. Immediately he fell to the ground, blood coming from gash. I went on the attack then, hacking and slashing as much as I could.

Shift had finished off his and Geckoboys.

With one final attack, I chopped off his hand. He doubled over in pain. I wanted to finish him, a great pressure in my head telling me to behead him. I nearly did it too but Shift caught my arm and started to drag me back to the base.

Once back, Shift took something off Eddie and held it out to Whizzkid who typed on the computer, zooming into where the people lay through CCTV.

He poked it and I realised it was a spine. I gagged but watched curiously as Whizzkid pouted and took it.

He pressed a button and the table flickered green. He placed the spine on the table, a small line of green ran up and down it. Then data began flicking on a monitor to the left. All the while he worked with an emotionless efficiency.

"You..." I said. He interrupted me.

"It originates from an alien species, there are various microorganisms measuring just 10^-12 pico meters, they contribute to half of a symbiotic relationship with them, they excrete unspecialised stem cells which act in a therapeutic design, healing wounds etc meanwhile consuming contrasting pathogens and bacterium to prohibit ailments and maladies..." he said this in one breath. I laughed at Shifts gormless face.

"In other words they heal quickly," I explained.

"Yes and saving laceration, they remain invulnerable..."

"Which means we cannot kill them unless we like, stop them from coming back... so are they not dead?" I asked.

"Their synapses maintain a perpetual motion throughout their primary cortex thus when they are perceived dead, their brains... reboot-"

"How do you know this?" he looked at the screen then back at me.

"My computer says so," his face remained expressionless.

"You act alot like them Whizzkid-"

"What are you implying!" Geckoboy rounded on me, "that he's some freaky alien?" he scolded.

"I am," he muttered, everyone turned to face him, "I am but a child, a Z'york from Z'yordican, my father was perceived a criminal on our homeworld because he took the law into his own hands when... miscreants... kidnapped me," it was strange when he spoke, like he was learning this language through scientific terminology and like 18th century lexis, "when my father passed on after terminating several people, his crimes were passed down to me, thus I became a criminal... I escaped in my fathers spaceship and spent several years studying this planet and eventually landed here... I spent over a hundred years in cryosleep where my body remained in permanent stasis and didn't age," he looked at the screen where three of them got up, all still sporting many wounds, "they have come for me."

"Then we'll kill them and you'll be fine!" Geckoboy exclaimed.

"But they are more than likely the forerunners of a larger task force, my father committed several murders making him very dangerous, according to my law, that makes me very dangerous too."

"They haven't seen dangerous yet," Shift smiled.

"So what do we do?" I asked.

"We must somehow prove my innocence before the military leaders in the hall of justice within their mothership, once this has been proven they will let me go," he looked at Geckoboy, a flicker of sorrow in his eyes, "but I cannot be proven innocent, it is my law."

"Don't dish out death and judgement just yet, I have a plan!" Shift roared, "now tell me, how do we get to the mothership?"

Instantly Whizzkid moved around the four consoles, pressing random buttons. Several maps opened up of outer space. Each seemed to be scanning from different satellites. Then all the satellites closed in on one confined space. It was a starless patch of sky.

They each zoomed in, then three of the screens showed a 3D image of the ship. The ship was scanned, then pinged at the bridge.

Establishing telecommunication...

Ring, ring, ring.

An image appeared, it was one of the aliens, their face smooth and gaunt. Their vivid scarlet eyes seemed a pool of knowledge and age, I could almost see data swirling amongst the cloud of colour.

He spoke in an alien accent, his voice rather monotone and fast. It wasn't a beautiful language by any means, it was an efficient one.

Whizzkid spoke back, albeit a little less fluently.

"He will teleport us to the mothership once he has triangulated the source of our origin," Whizzkid announced.

"You ready?" Shift asked.

"What's this plan of yours?" I replied.

"Try and sort it out with words, but I'm hoping we'll just get to blow up the place and wave them off," he smiled malicously.

"Great plan..." I snorted.

The area glowed, a triangle appeared, then it moved towards us and we emerged in a building. The room was domed with a glass roof so you could see the stars and the sun. All around the perimeter where raised seats at least four meters up with a gat at the far end like a gladiatorial arena in Rome. The center was also raised in a circular stage, the outline was silver with a large yellow five pointed star touching the edges, in the center of the star was a small circle.

But at the back of the room, where we stood, there was another large dias where the witnesses stood. The leader was to our left, higher than the first seats of the crowd and at the same level as us was the prosecution on his right. In the little circle appeared Whizzkid.

"Bringing forth the accused, hold him!" several beams of light two meters high shot out of the ground. The roof went black and his face appeared in a large hologram looking down at us.

The End

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