Shift: Aliens..?

Me and Geckoboy ran to the door as if in the superhero cartoons when they run towards your tv screen, then there was Tom following us slowly. As we got outside i dove into the stream of sewer water. It was shockingly deep, and cold. I turned into a crocodile mid water, keeping in mind of where the intruders where. I followed Geckoboy and Tom along the sewerlines.

Eventually i could see figures approaching, through the water it was hard to tell what they even were. They looked human.

They got out weapons and started shooting, the projectiles fired didnt look like ordinary bullets. They glowed as they were fired and they disintergrated whatever they touched. Tom ran at them dodging the bullets they fired, and Geckoboy was just being Geckoboy.

I could see that Geckoboy was saying something, but i was underwater and couldnt hear him.

I made bubbles under the water so Tom knew where i was. He kicked one into the water, and i jumped out of the water, snapping him in one chomp. I turned into a bear and got onto the sides of the streams. I clawed one in the chest, and he flew back. He just smiled at me and the cuts seemed to have sealed themselves back shut.

"Nice thing you got there" i said "heal this!" I mauled off his leg. He was hopping around, blood splurting everywhere. Eventually we fell over into the water, and was probably dead.

Tom was cutting up a few, and Geckoboy was trying some hand to hand fighting, badly. One of them grabbed his head and lifted him up. I clawed the guys back open, then ripped out his spine.

"Here" i said, giving Geckoboy the spine.

When there seemed to be no more, we made our way back to the hideout, and saw that guy just typing away on the computers.

I gave him the spine of that guy that i killed, for no reason just thought id do it.

He looked at it, touched it in a few places. He then looked up at us and frowned.

The End

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