Tom: Whizzkid

He led us down a manhole, walking towards East towards the river. The smell was horrendous, I kept thinking this was the last place I'd like a hideout.

Eventually we reached a large, smooth wall with no distinguishing features.

"You ready?" Eddie teased. He smiled mischievously and knocked twice on the wall. It sounded like a normal wall, but after a second, a brick moved in, part of the wall moved an inch inwards and the slid into the rest of the wall to reveal a thin door.

Geckoboy went first and I followed. It was pitch black so I couldn't see anything, when we reached the end of the passage, he pressed buttons on a console, goodness knows how, then this door opened and revealed a shaft of neon light.

Everything was metal, the floor was tiled. There were monitors and keypads everywhere and a small table or podium in the centre, a couple of beanbag chairs lying around.

"This is our hideout, and this..." he pointed to a boy who I hadn't seen before, he had short brown hair and wore a silver helmet with a red jumpsuit and strange silver pauldrons and zip. His belt was silver and he wore silver gauntlets that came out at the elbow, again with silver boots up to the knees " Whizzkid, boy genius with computers."

There was something unsettling about him, "how did you build this place?" I asked.

"Oh we didn't build it, we found it," he laughed at our confused looks, "don't ask, we just learned how to use it all... well, Whizzkid did anyway, he designed my outfit too, sticky resin weaponised in aerosol form, suction pads on fingertips and toes and..." he pulled a very thin, plastic material from around his teeth, it covered the upper and lower teeth and went back a little into the mouth, "a breathing filter for when I'm under water," it was very impressive.

"Who knows, when you get out of high school you may have a job with our group," Shift teased, "so do you actually have a power?"

"Yeah erm, my skin is a little yellowish..." Shift and I burst out laughing, "...but you know, I may still get another ability!" he cried.

"Hey!" he exclaimed and moved over to a counter where a photo stood, "she's hot, is this your sister...?"

Geckoboy gave him an annoyed look, "it's my mom-"

"MILF!" he shouted. I hit him on the shoulder.

"Shut up you idiot," I reprimanded.

Suddenly a monitor went red. Whizzkid pulled up a map and the monitor pinpointed a particluar place in Zanesville, "we have trouble in the sewage systems," he said, he had the strangest accent.

"Where do you think they are headed?" Eddie asked.

"Don't know, we'd better find out-"

"-by we you mean me I suppose?" Whizzkid nodded, his face void of expression, Eddie smiled.

"I'll keep tabs, see if he passes through any traps," Geckoboy nodded.

"You ready guys? or are you oldies too scared to come?"

"Don't count on it kid, us oldies are gonna show you how it's really done!" Shift laughed and they both ran for the exit.

I followed somewhat half-heartedly.

The End

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