Tayln: Full repair

"Full repair function is finished." A computers voice says a door opens, I expected to see Norvon and Icca but instead I just see an empty warehouse. I turn around to look at the massive daedalus machine.

"Where is Icca, and Norvon?"

"They left because you where in a stasis field so I could make full repair."

"Stasis?" I asked.

"Yes, you will now have more control over your power and maybe find yourself with new ones, but all in all you are more synchronized but you are still not Daedalus."

"I see why is that?"

"Your memory is to damaged beyond repair."

"Did Icca, and Norvon say where they went?"I ask one final question.

"No they did not."

"Thanks." I mutter to the machine and leave the warehouse unto the streets quickly hearing new about Ohio and superhumans. Guess that is my next destination.


Hours later I arrive in the north americian state confused to where to start off, and wondering whether Icca and Norvon are here out in the chaos, or just another enemy around the corner. Either way I needed a place to stay.

The End

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