Bree : Confused


I start to run as fast as I can away from the bank when I hear a gun go off. I climb up so trees and lean my head against the trunk once I'm hidden in the leaves. Is it them? Have they found me?

After a long while, I can't stand not knowing anymore, I climb out of the tree. I land perfectly on my feet, my eyes darting around me, I'm making sure they aren't near.

I walk slowly into the centre of the town, ready to leg it at the first sign of danger. I put a hand through my hair, thinking about what to do now. They're not here, well, not that I know of anyway.

I know that if they found me I would of been dead there and then, you don't just walk (in my case run) away from them, especially not when you steal something that they want.

I wander into a small coffee shop, getting a large latte to go.

I head out of the shop, feeling eyes on me. I shake off the feeling and take a sip of my latte. I sigh a little, I needed this, calms me down. I sit down on a bench in the park nearby. No one's here. No one I can see anyway.

The hairs on the back of my neck start to go up, someone's watching me. I might not be able to see anyone but I can feel someone near. I down my coffee quickly, the hot liquid burning my mouth.

I throw the cup in the bin near me and head for the lake, trying to get away from whoever it is looking at me.

My pace starts to quicken, I know that someone is following me and I have a rough idea who. The thought makes coldness run down my spine.

Whoever it is is getting closer to me, I slow my pace, pretending to tie up my shoe.

I can hear a small movement by my left leg. I put a hand on the floor while spinning my legs around, tripping the person up. I stand on his leg, in a fighting possition, so I don't loose him.

He laughs and 'turns off' his powers, making him visable. "Good to see you haven't changed Speed." My old partner in crime laughs, I get off his leg, not letting down my guard.

He rises to his feet and opens his arms for me. I don't move, I just scowl at him, trying to work out his plan.

"Why so tense Speed?" He asks walking towards me. I jump up and kick him hard in the chest. He falls back on the floor from the force of my kick.

"I'm not Speed anymore." I say looking down at the guy I once called a friend. He smiles, his tanned face lighting up.

"Oh so you have gone back to Flash, that's good. I always liked Flash better." He stands up again, all 5"11 of him. He looks at me with amusement in his sky blue eyes.

"I'm not Flash either." I look at him, Silent Whisper, my eyes in little slits while his are wide and happy, like he knows some secret about you and will tease you for a life time about it.

"Okay." He says, laughing to himself.

I walk away from him. I know the first rule is never to turn your back but I will know if he's going to attack me and I can move fast enough to prevent him touching me.

"They're after your head you know." He calls behind me, I can hear him walking after me but I keep walking not turning back.

"I know." I call back to him.

"Bruse is in England at the moment looking for you. He was crushed when you left. We all were." I roll my eyes.

"You weren't crushed I left, you were crushed I took the fire stone." I say. Memories of us lot, the powers bunch, sitting together laughing just before going out for our next mission.

I shake them away, not wanting to live in the past.

I turn around, annoyed. "C'mon then. Kill me. Take my head to Boss. I know that's what you've been sent here to do so hurry up and attempt to do it." I say  looking into his eyes, hurt's shinning through them.

"I'm not going to kill you. None of the gang are." By gang he means the ones with powers, there wasn't many of us. Just me, Silent Whisper, Bruse, Chill and Charity. We were the only lot with powers and we were bought up to use them for Boss.

Whatever he wanted, we got it for him.

Whatever he told us to do, we did it.

Whatever, whenever.

That was drummed into all our heads since we were children and I was the only one to stand against it.

I stare at SW, dout in my eyes.

"Please Bree. I've missed you so much, we all have. Ever since you went hasn't been the same." His voice is soft.

"Thought it wouldn't be. You lot have a lot more work to do now I'm gone." I say, starting to walk agian with SW besides me.

"That's not what I meant. After you left, it helped us realise that we shouldn't be doing crimes just because Boss tells us to. We still do what he tells us, if it's fair on us. We try and do as many things as he wants but we now choose more. Since you left, he lost it. Not just his temper but it. You know that essense he used to always have around him, the thing that you never understood untill he punished you that one time for being late?" SW is starting to babble now.

I understand what he's saying, when I left Boss is being more easy with them and their minds are more open for their own choices. They still choose to do what he wants though.

I sit down on a bench and SW sits next to me, I flinch away when he tries to put his arm around my shoulders.

"I'm not going back Sean. If I do he'll kill me. And I know he's sent people after me. He always sends people after others. I know he has because he used to always send me, I could get to them the quickest and kill them far more easier than you lot. So just kill me. It'll be so much easier than telling me all this bull about you lot choosing not to turn me in." I say, rubbing my eyes.

"We're not going to do that." Sean says next to me. His voice sure and stronge. I think he's telling the truth but I don't know if that's because of old times sake or because he never lied to me in the past.

Still, I won't let my guard down!

"I've been following you. So has Charity. She said you are having bad dreams." I grit my teeth. Charity can get into anyones subconcious mind and control it if she so wishes. "She says they are worse than last time." I look at Sean.

"We're all worried about you. Charity nearly went and got into that car you were in a while back, we saw you loose it. I stopped her. I know how you don't like others to interfer."

I sigh deeply and get to my feet. "Where's Charity now?" I ask, my eyes screaching for a sixteen year old girl with a heart shaped face and golden curls.

"She's watching your friends. She wanted to come with me to you but I thought it would be best if I saw you." I nod and get to my feet, walking out of the park with Sean on my heels.

"Still always on the move, you havent changed a bit Flash; I mean Bree." I smile a little. Inside I'm so confused!

Why have they decided to come to me know? Are they really not going to kill me? Are they tricking me? Is SW telling the truth? Is he being Silent Whisper, the criminal or is he being Sean, my best friend?

I need to sleep but I'm not going to. Not around Silent Whisper, I haven't even let my guard down even though it's very tempting. I have to find the others,  they'll know what to do. They can help me or not if they don't want to.

Maybe I shouldn't go near them while I'm with SW, it might put them in danger and I am not having more people get hurt because of knowing me!

The End

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