Tom: Geckoboy

I sat on a seat, waiting for Shift who was in the queue in Zanesvilles national bank. I picked up a comic book on the table. It was my favorite hero, Phantom Glare. It was about a hero, once known as Sargeant Shimmer. He had been a hero that everyone had looked up to, the perfect being and role model. One day his old friend James Johnson, a journalist, found out he was a superhero and was jealous. In an act of envy, he set up Sargeant Shimmer by tricking him into stopping an innocent person who James threatened into acting like a criminal, but James Johnson (Backstab) killed him and placed the blame on Sargeant Shimmer. Ever since, he was hated by the public who named him Phantom Glare. It was a clever name, this once great hero was only a phantom of what he used to be, it was like someone had shone a spotlight on his metaphorical picture, now the true hero was no longer visible. But now he never gave up, he rose from this hatred and continued his acts of heroism.

In #126 Phantom Glare found out that Backstab was behind this and went to confront him. At the end of the chapter he-

Several gun shots rang through the air.

I looked to see several robbers with masks enter the building. I was about to act when a voice came from the open door.

"Did somebody call for a superhero?" it was a male voice, he looked about eighteen. He wore a green suit with a yellow cape, he had a yellow balaclava over his head. His hands were on his hips as he stared at the criminals. They glared at him and pointed their guns at him.

"No, somebody called for an undertaker!"

"Do you know who you're talking to?" the boy asked.

"A pre-pubescent wannabe punk whos about to see his own brains," the other criminals laughed.

"I-AM-GECKOBOY" with that he jumped onto a wall as they shot several times. People in the streets ducked and screamed.

Geckoboy scuttled up the wall and onto the ceiling as they continued to fire.

He pointed at one of the criminals and some green spray covered his face. The robber shouted and cursed. Geckoboy laughed his head off, then accidentally fell on him.

The man was knocked out as he got up, but the others pointed their guns at him.

"Say you're prayers, little boy."

"I'm sorry, I'm afraid I'm atheist," he remarked.

"Then sweet dreams-"

Geckoboy leapt onto the chandelier above them and pulled himself onto it. They shot several times but he dodged each bullet.

"That all you got?" he laughed, then the chandelier creaked and groaned and fell on top of the remaining criminals.

I ran up to him, Shift also there.

I offered him my hand and he took it, "yeah, I er meant to do that," he scratched his head.

"That wasn't bad kid," Shift said, "you may even be a better superhero than me one day.

"Yeah, but you made too many mistakes," I said, "you got lucky there."

"I always get lucky," he shrugged it off, "well I gotta go-"

"What is it bed time?" Shift asked, we both laughed, "no really, what's your name?"

"Eddie Morgan, but that's Geckoboy to you... and the citizens of Ohio, but you may call me sir-no- your highness!"

"Don't push your luck kid or I'll sit on you," he looked confused but I understood.

"He has one big butt does Shift, alot of junk in his trunk," we shared a comical look at Geckoboys complete confusement. By now, sirens could be heard outside.

"Whoops, gotta go, want to see my hideout?" he asked.

Shift and I looked at each other.

"Your moms basement?" Shift asked.

"Seriously, it's awesome," with that he began to leave, then turned around to the civilians in the bank, "next time you need a hero, you can call upon... GECKOBOY!"

The End

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