Shift: Another Robbery?

Ive gone through two different states and that thing is still following us, looks like running isnt an option. There had to be a way for this robot to just die.

"Tom take the wheel" i shout over the sound of my engine, Tom looked abit surprised.
"But i cant drive!" he replied
"Youll learn" i say, then we swap seats and i jump out the car window landing on the floor face first. Then grabbing the side of my car.

"Hunter, use your visiony thingy to see if you can find a posible hatch to its wiring, it wouldnt be like this normally, it must have been sabotaged" i said "Bree run around in circles around the thing to keep it distracted, Vixen after Hunter finds a hatch i want you to rip up anything inside it"

After that i then turned into a horse and Vixen got on, Hunter used his thermal vision to find fingerprints on the robots plating and found a potential place where the hatch could be. Tom drove round the robot so Hunter could have a clear shot. Hunter shot at the hatch with an explosive arrow, the hatch came off. Tom drove away and Bree kept running around it to keep it distracted.

I galloped over to the back of the robot and Vixen pressed a button on her gloves and the claws came out. She used the claws to rip the inside of the robot apart, cutting up all the wires. Eventually the robot just shut down.

Tom drove back to pick us all up and parked near the robot. I was taking a look inside it.

"What are you doing?" Tom asked me
"Nothing, just making sure this hunk of junk is done with" i say smacking it on the back. The robot leaned over and fell onto my car, Hunter got out the way just in time. The car blew up, causing the robot to blow up shortly afterwards.

"Well thats the robot dealt with" i stated, staring at the flames coming from both my car and the robot. "Well, we better get walking, theres a town over there"

We all made our way to the city, and we went whereever we wanted to go. I decided that i was going to fly to Las Vegas, so i went to the bank. I waited in line and when i got to the front and went to withdraw some money.

Before i could request i heard some gunshots being shot in the air. I dropped down onto the floor with everyone else. Being an elephant in a bank may give people the wrong idea about me.

"Did somebody call for a superhero?" came a voice...

The End

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