Matt: Shades Betrayal

Warrior Falcon swept through the winds, his spear tip glowing white.

As he got closer, Hurrikane braced himself. Falcon flew as fast as he could, his spear point a blazing inferno of white light. Hurrikane pushed out his hand, the spear struck it as if hitting a force field, but wind flew backwards and disappeared.

Falcon jabbed with lightning speed just as fast as Hurrikane blocked.

Rob got out a gun and flicked something, then began shooting. The bullet pierced the shoulder, to everyone's surprise, blood drifted out of the wound. He fired several more times but Hurrikane began to dodge, now escaping the two mens blows, buffeting them with high force winds that sent them hurtling dangerously through the winds.

Rob flew through the air, he held out his hands and around Hurrikane were clouds of purple, forks of energy crackled and sliced through the air. For a moment, his form was surrounded by energy. At the same time, the clouds span, blackened and elongted down and down, over him.

The tornado began to turn purple as the energy span through and expanded outwards. The tornado was slowly becoming a hurricane.

As the three continued to fight, the plane began to move out of control, the knuts twisting out, the metal renting itself apart in the vortex of phase energy.

A wing broke off. The plane span, hurling to distant ground. Slowly the plane split into two.

The three were still fighting which meant I had to save them.

I placed the mask on my head and slipped the laptop over my shoulder. Then I took of the seatbelt and immediately, the suction ripped me out of the plane and into the air. For a minute I was free falling until the hurricane winds caught me and span me around, bits of dirt and random objects hitting trying to hit me.

I could see the two parts of the plane, coming towards me.

I sent out a nova of hot energy that seemed to temporarily stem the winds. As the plane came into it, I manipulated some wind to push them into the eye of the hurricane.

They plummeted to the ground.

I chased after them, creating a stasis field by reducing the gravity and kinetic energy of them. At the same time I felt something tug at my gut... I was fighting the natural force of gravity.

"Rob I could use your help!" I shouted, hoping to god he could hear me. But there was no answer.

With an effort I turned round. Hurrikane was high up in the air, laughing his head off as he sent gust after gust to the now dodging duo.

"ROB!" I roared. He stopped for a moment, as if to listen out, then he got hit by a blast of wind and fell to the ground. I felt my energy faulter, I couldn't keep this up. I tried to lower them to the ground, but my head felt faint, woozy, I was blacking out.

I felt free suddenly, like I had lost a weight, then I felt guilty because I realised I had jsut dropped dozens of people to their guilt.

I fell quickly towards the ground, Rob just below me.

Then a bunch of people wearing jetpacks and what looked like straight wings came shooting past. Two caught me and two Rob. a group of 30 of them went to grab the aeroplane but couldnt stop it. They spoke and called out words for a second. Then each flew downwards and shot out ropes. They managed to catch the plane in the net. Weird, I thought. Then I passed out.


I woke up in an field of concrete, which I thought was strange. It was only then that I saw something I hadn't expected to see.

Everything was wrong, people lay dead on the streets in various forms of decay, some skeletal, others missing limbs, more fresh with flies scouring the bodies. Buildings were torn down, shop windows smashed, their innards spilling out. Even the setting sky seemed red.

I was very glad that Rob was next to me, his full uniform on, holding two of those strange guns.

"What the hell happened here?" I asked.

"I've checked out some of the local camera feeds. There was a zombie attack here, all of this part was destroyed but inside the city, people are almost oblivious," I whistled, and sat back down.

"So what do we do?" I looked up at Rob who looked outwards.

"Ask him..."

"Hello Nova, I'm glad you could make it, here... drink this," Shade threw me an energy drink, "we've got lots of work to do... follow me," he ran towards the desert.

We ran for what seemed like an aeon accross a dusty track, passing sparse vegetation and the occasional road. In the middle of nowhere was a large building, a large spire of crsytal rose up into the air, light reflecting off it, blood red.

"This is where I have been keeping your brother, it is up to you to free him, but I will not make it easy," with that the sun fell behind the mountains, a moment of twilight where moon was invisible. He cast me a wicked look.

I went to grab him but he seemed to meld into the shadows and disappear.

"He's got my brother?" I asked to no one, exasperated.

"Then let's go get him," Rob smiled, standing next to me.

The End

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