Matt: Headed to Las Vegas

"Rob!" I gasped. He landed in front of me, watching me with his weird glowing eyes.

"Oh, sorry," he smirked, and his eyes faded to his usual blue.

"Well at least you're up and about, is it serious, or will it pass?" I asked.

"I will remain like this, I may from time to time get headaches and cramps but... I'll live," he said grimly. He moved to where Ghoul was still kneeling, "you, can you talk?" he asked.

Ghoul stared at him defiantly.

I switched my view to x-ray, noticing a clump of metal in his throat.

"He's been silenced by the Guild," I voiced, almost hitting myself.

"Guild, what-"

"Wait, wheres the sword swinger gone?" I shouted. From his former position, all that was left was a scrap of metal and a large scratch in the floor.

"Damn," Rob cursed and grabbed Ghoul, "that's another convict gone and one that cannot give me any information... not my best skirmish."

"Oh yeah, Kinetic mentioned something about information, are you holding data on us?" I expected him to get nervous, or squirm at my question, but he looked at me unphased.

"Of course, I collect the data of all the superhumans I know, it's a Superhuman Database-"

"What if somebody ever got a hold of it?" I scolded.

"Oh... right, 'cos it's soo simple to break through  the Informant's firewall, anyway,  let's get back to the motel, then we'll send him to the slammer and-"

"I'm going to Las Vegas, I'm going to help my brother," I stated, he looked at me in the eye and nodded.

"And I'll come with you friend," he smiled, "sorry I've been so grouchy lately, hard times," we shrugged it off.


We returned to the hotel, Rob spent time on his computer, his pen drive glowing as he filed away information that he had managed to gather through extensive research. Kinetic meanwhile spent the entire time in contemplation, whether he would join us, stay at Walker Inc or go his own way.

"So you're not coming then?" we asked, once we were at the airport. He saw fit to be our bodyguard on the journey, but I knew it was just an excuse to spend as much time as possible with us before we left. And to be honest, I didn't mind the guy being there either.

"Somebody's got to oversee the construction, you know what he's like," he seemed tired at the prospect of checking stuff. Our Gentleman Highwayman was a great ally, but a little too devious for my liking.

"Yeah look after my money will you, make sure it's done right," Rob put in.

"Final call for flight 226, all passengers boarding to Las Vegas must report to the gate."

"Better kiss Oceanus goodbye, knowing our luck there'll be some kind of Armageddon whilst we're down there," I punched Robs arm playfully, but he looked at me with a distant worried expression, as if he knew something.

"Yeah," he breathed and we shook Kinetics hand and left.


Rob was perusing his laptop, obsessed with his little database. I just had to sneak a peak.

He lay his head back on the seat.

"Just... gonna rest..." he yawned heavily, "...eyes..." he began snoring instantly.

As softly as I could, I leant over him and grabbed his laptop case, opened the zip and pulled it out. He had told the airport that he was making a business, so they had allowed him to use his laptop, which was fine by me.

He had left on, so when I opened it, the database was still on.There where hundreds of people on this thing, from Atomiser to Zealot... 126 Nero, 127 Nova I scrolled down to the good stuff:

Personality: Reckless impulsive bachelor, hot headed with occasional violent tendencies also; Strong sense of justice, determined to the point of obsessive leading to selfishness, confident and loyal.Misc: Currently in a reflectional state of self reparation. Great potential for the future.

I didn't quite know what to say, and I didn't have time to think of anything either.

The plane shuddered violently, I almost dropped the laptop, but feverishly put it back in the case as rob jerked his eyes open."

Hey dude," I said, attempting to be casual.

"What did you-"

"Please remain seated with your seatbelts on, we are currently going through some heavy turbulence."

"Like hell," Rob muttered, looking out of the window.Outside there was some sort of fight going on. It was quite wierd. There was one man with what looked like a brown eye mask that ourved into a cream beak for the nose. He wore brass armour embossed with what looked like feather shapes and from his shoulders sprouted sleek brown wings tipped with cream. he also wore greaves and gauntlets.In his hand he carried a spear, smaller than normal spears as if for quick use and a blowpipe attached to his belt with a series of tranquiliser darts.

From his right hand sprang a tall, thin shield.

And fighting with him was a man in flowing white clothes, he seemed insubstantial as he flew around, launching gusts of winds at the bird man who manouvered them as if with instinct.

"That's Warrior Falcon and Hurrikane!" Rob exclaimed, then he looked at me, "I have to help him," with that, there was a flash of purple and then Rob appeared next to them, his eyes glowing purple as the fight raged on. This was gonna be cool.

The End

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