Shift: Escape

I could see everyone coming in, and i saw that guy run away. I pushed my way through the crowds of zombies, not touching my parents. Eventually all the zombies collapsed onto the floor.

"There must be a radius he has or something" I say to the others "You have to stay clear of him... hes mine"

The others just nod and we make our way back to the car and carry on our journey towards Las Vegas. At one point we noticed a half destroyed city in the horizon, we went over there to check for survivors.

As we got there, all we could see was building rubble from skyscrapers and dead bodies and remains of destroyed cars in a traffic jam. I got out the car for a second and investigated a body. They were shot by something, but it was a big bullet.

I looked around for any sign of life, and there was nothing. Worried i ran back into the car and carried on driving. I felt like i was being followed, and since i have animal senses i know that it isn't nothing. This thing is about 3 times the size of my car when its upright. I stepped on the gas and started going very fast, Bree had no trouble keeping up though.

I heard it getting alot closer and the ground began to shake violently. Until something massive walked in front of us.

"You are trespassing on property that isn't yours, you have three seconds to leave" it was a robot.

"Oh god" i whispered, then turned around and went as fast as i could. I heard weird noises as if they were coming from pipelines. Then the robot landed in front of my car. "The thing has jump jets! Come on!"

Then the robot started shooting at us, they were very inaccurate on the plus side.

"Bree, i dont care if there isn't enough space get in the back" i shouted, and she jumped into the back.

I turned around again, and started going at a steady speed, until i heard the pipe sound again, when i heard that i immediately turned round again and went full speed down the road. I heard the robot land on the floor, and i could see it in my rear view mirror.

I was keeping my eye on the road and on the robot, i saw its shoulders open to reveal rocket launchers, it shot in my direction, but missed. But rubble started falling from the air, it must of hit a building. I was swerving around the falling debris, keeping an eye on the back to make sure they dont get crushed.

I got through the rubble eventually, and it blocked off the only exit for the robot.

I carried on driving, and i heard a loud crashing noise. I looked back to see the rubble flying everywhere and a massive truck coming after us. With gattling guns in its grills and missles in its sides. I stepped on it, going around a lake, and then over the river going into it. I skidded and stopped to look at the robot, which was a boat now going over the lake. "Son of a" i shouted.

I turned all the way round and drove away from the robot, and went quite a long distance away from it. But i could hear its engine very closely. I started to drive into a valley, and when i looked up the truck went over head all the way and turned back into its robot form. Then it jumped down in front of me in the valley. Shooting the rocks at the back blocking off my exit.

I stepped on it again, going too fast for the robot and for the gattling guns to warm up. I went inbetween its legs and drove off into the valley. Driving as fast as i can.

I was driving heading towards Virginia, then through there to West Virginia and into Ohio. The thing still gave chase. I just couldnt shake it off, we need serious help.

The End

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