Bree : Thinking As Fast As I Run

I drum my fingers on the roof of the car, waiting for Shift to come out of the cemetery. "Well, this is fun." I say sarcastically, the others now out of the car, shake their heads at me. "What?"

"He's seeing his parents. Give him some time, it's hard to do what his doing." Vixen informs me. I shrug and look into the cemetery.

I don't like this, we've been here for too long and I'm not a patient person. I want to be running again. I look around starting to get nervous. I shouldn't be here, I should be on my own, running away from those horrible people after me. I shake my head, getting rid of those thoughts.

I tap my foot on the ground in irratation. "What's your problem? Can't you just stay still for five seconds?" Tom asks me, looking slightly annoyed at me. I smile and hold up my hand.

My fingers go up one by one, I count them as I do so. "One, two, three, four, five." I say and then run quickly behind Tom. "There you go, I was still for five seconds." I say, my tone flat.

He turns around at me and opens his mouth to say something.

"Guys, Shift's in trouble." Vixen says suddenly, I look over at Vixen an eyebrow arched. Mind reader? I think and make a mental note to be careful around Vixen.

"Lets go." Tom says quickly nearly running towards the cemetery.

I smile brightly, finally running again.

I zoom pass Tom and the others, searching for Shift. I stop in my tracks as I see zombies everywhere. "What the hell? Zombies? You've got to be kidding me!" I mutter under my breath.

I shake my head and run around the group of zombies using my powers to not be seen. I can see a shadow and man appearing out of it. I stop in my tracks. No not him!

I zoom back to the others, not far away from where Shift is fighting off the zombies around him.

"There's a shadow dude over there and zombies." I say quickly than run back to Shift who seems to be getting attacked by two zombies while the others watched.

Why isn't he attacking them? What the hell's wrong with him?

Tom and the others are now at my side. "We need to think of a plan. Fast!"

The End

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