Shift: New Jersey

So, we are on the road and approaching New Jersey rather quickly. The outline of the city getting bigger and bigger. But i wasn't hear for sightseeing, I'm here for only one reason. My parents were buried here. It wasn't going to take long, i just wanted to say the words i wanted to them. I words i never got the chance to say before they died.

We were inside the city, so far so good. Shops, homes and people everywhere. Must be weird for them to see someone running at the side at the same speed as a car.

I stopped outside the cemetery, there was alot of people hanging around, all grouped up around something. "Wait here" i said and got out of the car then went over to take a look at what they were looking at. I pushed through everyone to find that there was a dead body on the floor. But not just a dead body, it was cut in half, and both halves that showed the inside were cauterized and glowing purple.

Putting it across as nothing, i walked into the cemetery and found my parents graves. I knelt in front of them.

"Mum... Dad... If you can hear me I'm here to explain all the things Ive done that upset you in the past. You may of not been with me for long, but i know i did something" i whispered "That day in the park... It wa-" I was interrupted by footsteps coming from behind me.

"Hello... Frank" came a voice
"Who are you? and how to you know my name?" i demanded
"Lets just say i was... close, to your parents Frank" he whispered "You don't know me... but you've seen me"
"Maybe i should remind you of what i can do" he whispered before bursting out into laughter, i turned around to see that noone was there, i heard rumbling and then the dead started rising from their graves.

"oh... thats what you can do..." i mumbled

A unstoppable wave of dead came storming towards me i prepared myself.

As they surrounded me i did a 360 horizontal slash which killed quite a few before being plummeted by the fists of all the rest of them. I turned into an elephant, and started to swing my trunk around. The zombies just climbed onto me and bit my back, i collapsed to the ground and turned back ad continued fighting.

"Stop!" shouted the voice from before, as he walked up to me out of a shadow as if he was the shadow itself. He had black hair, really black hair, and his eyes were black aswell. is voice had a scary tone in it what went down your spine and he talked to you. "Shift, you are a good fighter, but i know a couple of people that you couldnt put down..."

All the zombies stepped aside to show that he had risen my parents to kill me, they looked perfectly fine and were walking towards me with death in their eyes.
My dad with his grey haid and going partly bald and that scar on his cheek from that day at work.
My mum with her black hair going down her back and wierd hairstyle up top, making it look quite stupid. They walked towards me hand in hand.

"Think you could do it, Shift?" said the man
"No... i wont do that" i replied
"Well then... your going to have to" he said and then burst into laughter again.

When the laughter stopped my dad lunged at me, i rolled out of the way, and then my mum attacked me. When they were risen from the dead their nails must of been grown so that their hands were like claws, they must of been claws because my mum scratched me right at the side of the face, which brought me to the floor.

I gathered all of my courage and went to attack my mother, but it failed and i couldnt do it. She kicked me in the chest sending me back. I started shouting in my mind, hoping that Vixen could hear it and get the others to help me. 

The End

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