Takashi: Silencing Witnesses

“Ghoul I am Takashi Zaraki member of Chikara juu.  I trust you know what this means.” Ghoul could only answer with nodding.  I had already coated his throat with steel to stop him revealing secrets of the guild.  There is no longer a way for him to talk audibly.

“Do you wish to go out as one of the shadow guild should? Or will I need to kill you myself?” I said as I held out my wakizashi.  The small blade glinted in the moonlight as Ghoul reached for the blade, once in his hand I extended my own Katana towards the small bit of metal that was in his mouth, which would allow me to manipulate the metal coating his voice box and retracted it just enough for the blade to get a clean cut. I paused, and then replaced it.

“They’re early,” I said with amusement, “We’ll finish this later,” I Retrieved my wakizashi then silently melded into the shadows and watched as Matt appeared to retrieve Ghoul. I silently watched him struggle with the steel holding Ghoul, still touching one of the steel veins I had laid out. I had the steel shatter as he pulled at it and the rest merged with my blade leaving Matt more cautious.  He was quick to pick up on my presence so I lunged.  With the effort I put in to the attack the result was slower than I had expected.  He had anticipated an ambush.  Two steel disks flew from nowhere.  Without my mobility, there was only one choice.  Taking a small cut from each, one hit my bicep the other aimed for my ankle, I absorbed the metal into my katana which grew broader.

It was clear by his reaction he was expecting a quick win.  Dropping his guard and his powers I aimed to kill in one attack.  He dove backwards but the extra material he so generously gave me cut his chin.  He arched his back into a backwards hand spring and somersaulted, landing one knee bent, one stretched out as he skidded, a look of anger on his face.  He rose to his feet and extended his left hand I felt the temperature rise.  It seemed to be coming from my sword.  He was strong but my connection to Mikaiketsu, my katana, was greater than his power.  I jabbed toward my opponent, as I approached the edge of my reach I extended Mikaiketsu.  He sidestepped then, thinking himself safe, turned his attention to me.  I seized my chance curving the blade back toward him.  And covered his visor with the metal I got from his own disks.  He quickly started melting the metal which steamed like solder.  Raising Mikaiketsu, which had returned to its normal shape, I span it round in my hand so the blade edge pointed down and outwards, then stabbed behind me, both hands holding the handle and swung it forwards in a sweeping arc.

His vision returned with the vision of my sword coming right at him. He just dodged but I span round so that the blade cut into the building, attaching more and more metal to it, sweeping it again to take out both of them in its elongated form.

Part of the building came down as this happened, bringing rubble with it. I would have killed them, but something seemed to stop me.

There was a storm of purple energy all around us. The brick and mortar of the whole front of the house seemed to dissipate and implode. Then a figure seemed to float towards us. He pointed at me, his eyes radiant. Suddenly I felt something almost grab hold of me, I felt my flesh burn and I flew into the wall.

My last image was of the figure approaching the others, and then slowly unconsciousness began to take me, but I fought against it, I needed to escape.

I would have to remember that one, for the future, I thought.

The End

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