Matt: A New Challenge

"So his power expands when he doesn't wear the watch?"

"Yes, and it causes him pain, he'll probably be unconcious for a while," I turned right on the street, trying to go fast whilst making the ride smooth. Kinetic sat next to me, constantly flicking his head back to see Rob and Ghoul.

"Would you stop that!" I snapped, "just look at the rear view mirror," he stifled a laugh and kept his eyes on the mirror, "so what next?" I asked.

"Document him and hand him over to the police."

"But can't he use his power to escape the prison?" I asked, "I never understood that..."

"I think Rob usually fits them with a dampener-"

"A dampener?" my mind flashed back to Swarm in the dungeons, "where'd he get one of those?"

"Informant I would assume."

I was going to say something when I saw a shadow ahead. I flicked my eyes to the mirror, but Ghoul was still out.

I looked out again but it was gone.

"You see that then?" I looked upwards and around but there was nothing.

"Yeah, somebody was out there-"

There was a massive scraping sound and I turned around to see a flash of silver and the back of our half of the car smashed against the floor. My seat jerked up and I hit my head on the ceiling. The car flew into the side of a building as my aiir bag flew out and brick smashed into the window screen.

My mind started to go blank but I fought it. I had to find out what happened.

Kinetic was gone, a large cut on his forehead. His face on the dashboard.

I phoned the ambulance as I ran back. The back seat lay on the ground. Rob was still there but Ghoul was gone. Had somebody come to free him?

I looked around but there was no clue as to where he had gone. But switching the visual on my mask, I noticed there was a slight rise in the temperature where they must have gone.

By now there were passersbys and parked cars around the accidents, but I followed the trail to avoid them. I followed the trail.

It was strange to see, like a slight tremor in the air where the heated bodies had met the air. Down the road it led and into an abandoned house.

The doorwat was old and the paint flaked and peeling. One of the windows was broken, the fragments on the floor covered in a brownish grime.

Kinetic's words came to me, think like the enemy, choose a point of entry least likely, but I couldn't think like an enemy I did not know. Then again there was only one person who would kidnap a member of the Shadow Guild. A fellow member, and I knew Shade which meant I knew my enemy.

If I was Shade, I would expect all entries and plan accordingly, taking into account my opponents limits. But this person couldn;t know me, which gave me an advantage, so they wouldn't know my limitations.

I stepped back and x-rayed the house with my visor. They were upstairs in the front room, close to the window.

Should I simply break into the room and go for a shock tactic?

The End

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