Matt: Capturing Ghoul

The building was tall with a traditional grand appearance, all red and gold and marble. It had been the night before when we'd come up with the definitive plan.

Rob stepped out and jumped up, his jetpack bursting into life. In moments he navigated his way to the roof of the building whilst Kinetic remained in the alley directly opposite the main entrance as I went inside. The receptionist looked stuffy, as did the bell boys and customers.

I pressed the bell at the desk, but the woman looked at me disdainfully and went back to reading a magazine. I coughed.

"Hello again, I'm looking for one Mr Yagami, I was told yesterday to meet him here, to execute a business deal, you may have seen me with him yesterday," in actual fact I had accidentally bumped into him inside the lobby and stashed my costume behind a plant pot. She checked me out before responding.

"Mmhm, and your name is?"

"Stephen Mcshade, I'm and old friend. Please, ask him down here so we can get a coffee," she sighed annoyedly and picked up a phone.

She pressed a button and said, "can you get Mr Yagami for me please..." I took out my phone and pressed a button aswell inside a pocket, "...yes number 43," I texted the number then quickly took my hand out of the pocket as she looked at me, "tell him Mr Mcshade wishes to see him-"

"-oh, could you please also tell him..." I began, but faltered. I needed to give Rob enough time to find the right window. I clicked my fingers as if trying to remember, "oh yes, it is regarding his last client," she nodded and repeared it.

At that point I began chatting with a bellboy until I heard an explosion. I ran to the stairs and threw off my suit to reveal my black clothes underneath. I picked out my coat and mask from the plantpot and ran up the stairs. There where many people already running down, most too terrified to even notice me.

I met him halfway up. His black hair was dishevelled, one of his eyes bruised and there was plaster and splinters of glass and wood in his clothes. He stopped when he saw me and glanced back upstairs where Rob was coming down.

He growled and his face went as if he were straining. Suddenly his shadow got up from the floor and I was faced with two beings. They both came at me.

I threw the discs, one caught Ghoul on the leg who began to tumble down the stairs, but the other passed straight through the shadow who then tackled me. It was a strange feeling, like a force of wind that knocked me back.

The back of my head and arm were in pain as I fell with Ghould down the stairs, landing in a painfuly heap. He scrabbled up and ran for the door with Rob at his heels. His shadow had disappeared. I picked up a disk from my coat and focused on magnetism. My disks came towards me and attached to the one I held. I put them back and ran to follow.

I was near the entrance when the glass suddenly smashed and Ghoul came crashing in. Rob suddenly appeared and kinetic emerged at the door, slightly out of breath from using so much energy.

Rob grabbed him and pinned him down, but his shadow appeared and hit him on the head. Ghoul used this to get up and run but Kinetic shot out a bolt of energy.

The shadow leapt in the way and flew backwards, straight through the now sprinting Ghoul who reached the door.

Rob took off his watch and threw it to the floor. He doubled over in pain but held out his hand regardless.

By now the lobby was empty of people as was the immediate vicinity of the motel. All the glass rose in the air and surrounded Ghoul trapping him in a crystal vortex.

He went to leave but several shards ripped at his hand. He cried in pain as Kinetic and I surrounded him, The shards dropped to the floor and I punched him in the face, knocking him unconcious. I shook my hand and gritted my teeth in pain, much to Kinetics amusement. But he looked to Rob and his laughter caught in his throat.

Rob lay curled up in a ball, writhing in pain. We ran over to him, I taking Ghoul with me.

"What's wrong?" kinetic asked, confused.

He didn't say anything but pointed somewhere. I looked to see what it was and noticed a glint of gold. Horror filled the pit of my stomach. I retrieved it and slapped the watch on his wrist. Immediately his face relaxed but he had already passed out.

"What is that?" Kinetic asked.

"Long story," I replied, "I'll tell you about it on the way back to the motel."

The End

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