Matt: Wheels of Momentum

We all gazed avidly at the screen.

There stood a man, he was sat at a table playing poker with a handless man, a man in a dracula outfit stood nearby, but the Japanese man had no shadow. The feed was dated, just under a week ago in Pensylvania, an inn called the Allans Family Motel.

"It would be good if we could get the name he registered in as," Kinetic said, "Rob could you do it?" I placed my hand on the back of his chair.

"There's no point," I said, "I know Shade and if this guy is anything like him, he'll have several names," I pointed out.

"True," Rob said, "but people like this tend to use the same name every now and then, it helps create an essence for the name in case they need to call on it again," he stood up and for the first time this week, he smiled, "I'll be back in flash."

He disappeared in a flash of purple, leaving me and Kinetic to stare at the picture.

There was a silence before he turned to me, "I saw someone who looked a little like you," he muttered, and moved the feed on. A group appeared, the backs of their heads visible. Yet I could recognise one.

"My brother?" I frowned a little, "what's he doing in Pensylvannia?" I wondered out loud.

"Didn't that Shade say he was in Las Vegas?"


"Pensylvannia to Las Vegas in a few days?" he pushed, "it would be difficult, taking into account the amount of people, the distance, the amount of stops... even for a Superhuman."

"I don't think he said my brother was there, he was saying there is trouble there, my brother must be headed there and Shade is warning me about it, maybe I should ring him..." I ran my fingers through my hair and took my phone to ring him, but after two minutes of ringing it went to his answering machine.

"Ok, now I'm worried," I said to myself.

Rob appeared then, a faint smile still on his face.

"Kaosu Yagami," he revealed victoriously, "look for him in all the nearest Motel attendance list-"

"Already got it," there was a note of excitement in their voices, I could feel the wheels of momentum turning as things finally started happening, "the Long Bay Motel yesterday-"

"Ok this is were we go at things logically and tactically Matt."

"Yes, we need a good plan and back up plans."

"Any plans yet?" I asked.

"Need time to think..." they said in unison.

"No need, I have one," I laughed at their faces. "it's my time to shine now."

The End

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