Matt: Phone Call

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"You need to get to Las Vegas, it's your brother, I think he's in trouble," that would have set off straight away, it was my fault, because I was selfish. It was my mistake to put right, but my brother could look after himself, and if I left now, there would be people who would die, it would be better to take Rob and Kinetic with me than split now.

"And I will help him, just as soon as I've finished the problem here, tell me, were there any others that came to America with you?" there was silence for a moment.

"There were many, why?"

"Because there is somebody committing murders here, we need to stop him and I think you know who it is..." again there was silence, "...he can use his shadow to commit the offence and he targets criminals."

"Sometime sacrifices are necessary for the greater good-"

"-nobody has the right to decide who lives and dies!" I yelled. I breathed heavily, "I know our opinions have always differed on this, but you must help me, innocent people have been hurt."

This time there was a very long pause and his voice returned, defeated, "as you know, I do not know his name, though he goes by Ghoul... he is quite tall dark hair and eyes, he is Japanese and he is an expert of assassination. I have told you all I can, the rest is up to you, but Nova," I had been about to hang up then, "be quick, your brother's life will depen on it."

"I'll do my best," I promised and shut the phone.

The others were still discussing possibilities as I walked in. When I shut the door, they turned towards me, expectant.

"Well?" Rob challenged.

"We have a suspect," I said.

The End

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