"So, what we going to do now?" I ask, looking at Tom. He looks at me for a while then turns to Vixen, Hunter and Shift.

"We need to get on the road." Hunter says and Tom nods. I sigh and click my fingers.

"Well, nice meeting ya guys." I go over to them and hold out my hand. I might run and never look back but I always say bye for good this way.

Hunter looks at my hand and shakes it, Vixen and Shift do the same. I look at Tom who takes my hand in a firm grip. I nod to him and start walking off.

"Bree." I turn back to the others. "Would you like to come with us? We are going to Las Vagus." Tom asks me.

I'm confused, no one has ever asked me to stick around before. I shake my head and smile a little. "Thanks but I can't." They look confused.  I look at my feet thinking of something to say.

"Er, you guys don't have enough seats for me to tag along too." I say looking at the again. Hunter nods, agreeing with me.

"Well, you could always run along side the car." Shift points out. I swear to god I could of hit him for saying that. He doesn't get it, none of them do.

"I dunno, I don't want to cause any trouble..." I start but Tom shakes his head. "Come on. Come with us, it'll be fun."

I bite my lip, I want to, I really do but I can't. I don't run just because I can or because of what people think about my powers. I run because it's to get away and right now there are lots of things to get away from.

"Come with us Bree." Vixen says with a smile. I shrug, after all, if something happens I can always run away.

"Fine." I mumble. They smile at me warmly and walk over to the car. They get in the car and start her up.

Soon we are on the road, with me running next to them. I hope I don't regret this.

As I run, I start to think about everywhere I've been. I've never stayed in the same place long and I've never gone back anywhere. No one has wanted me. I have never felt like I belong.

Inside this is what I've always wanted, to find people like me, but now I'm not sure. I'm not someone that people should be around, I bring trouble wherever I go and that's never good.

There are people after me. Lots of people. And if they find out I have made friends, they'll use it to their advantage. I just hope I won't have to go through that again. I hope I don't see him again. I wince at the memory of our last encounter.

He tried to kill me, like he has killed others that I have known. I was too quick for him and got away.

I grit my teeth, refusing to live in the past, refusing to even let my mind go back. I speed up, leaving it behind. Leaving it all behind.

The End

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