Matt: Chasing Ghosts

We had spent a week in the area, switching from motel to motel. I had ditched the mask and coat and Rob his armor, stashing them in different areas to remain hidden.

He sat on the floor, in the bedroom surrounded by newspapers, notes and photos. Kinetic was on a computer checking out video feeds. I was lounged on a bed, munching on chips.

"Sing it to me," I said.

"We've been through it like a hundred times, I don't know what you hope to gain but..." he let out a frustrated sigh, "it would seem the person is able to perform acts through a shadow which can disapear at any time. This fits with the few witness reports I could find. Nobody ever gets a clear view and the shapes seem to change which implies he can alter it's appearance. Maybe take other peoples shadows. There's never any evidence left behind, no fingerprints and the deaths are made to look accidental but there have been witnesses stating they have seen the suspect fleeing."

"If he can disappear when he wants, then why does he run and risk suspicion?"

"Good question," Kinetic voiced from the next room, "all video feeds relevant to us show what looks like a shadowed person who runs and then eventually disappears."

"Maybe he wants to be seen," I suggested, "but why?"

"There could be several reasons," Kinetic walked into the room, "to challenge us, or someone else-"

"-What if it's a diversion?" Kinetic and Rob pondered this for a moment, but Rob shook his head.

"From what?" I shrugged, "nothing's happening above the usual wave of crime, except this."

"Maybe we're focused too much on him, we could have missed things," I moved to the window and looked out, "let's face it, we're chasing a ghost that leads us to dead ends and we're getting no closer to the actual culprit," I stared back at Rob, "that kid was hospitalised yesterday."

"We can't just give up!" Rob growled.

"I think Matt's right," Kinetic said, his mind seemed to be running overtime. He sat himself down on a bed, "we've been so busy trying to stop this spree and predict his moves, what if we stop and concentrate on the actual perpetrator, or look elsewhere for the time being?"

"But we have nothing," Rob cried helplessly, "like Matt said, he's a ghost who barely exists, there's nobody to help us," he breathed exasperatedly, trying to calm himself down.

"Guys, I haven't been totally honest with you," I revealed tentatively. Rob rounded on me instantly.

"With what?" he said dangerously.

"I know somebody who can move in the shadows, he's and old friend and he's dangerous but... this isn't like him," Rob grabbed hold of me.

"Who is he?" his face was right next to mine.

"I only know him as Shade, he used to be in my group and..." I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth, "and I can't tell you any more, I'm sworn to secrecy."

"Why bring it up then?" Rob shouted releasing his grip.

"I... don't think he's doen it, but he might know who did," I explained, trying not to anger him, "they seem somewhat alike," I had already said too much, I was careful now.

"What are they? part of a gang or something?" he frowned.

"Kinda," I said evasively.

"Then he's no better than our prey!" he roared.

"Look, just let me try!" I was getting annoyed now too.

Kinetic had been watching our heated discussion and now coughed, "we may as well let him, it's our only lead at the moment," he said softly, also aware of the rising frustration.

"Do what you want," he didn't even look at us, and I got the feeling that this change in mood wasn't about Shade.


The phone rang for and I began to lose hope. I was going to put it down when he picked it up.

"Thank god, Shade old friend, I need your help."

"Good, because I need yours," the voice was as deep and strong as ever, almost hoarse and leaked danger, yet it was also full of fear. Immediately I felt nervous.

The End

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