Matt: Observation

We where at the large computer in the main room that continued to flash red. Rob appeared beside me with a frown, his phone at his ear.

"Yes Rich, I know you're in your ISOTOPE meeting, mmhm, yes well once it's finished, get the boys and get to work. Yes... it's happening."

He snapped his phone shut and turned to us, "so he's across the city?"

"Yes, South side," Kinetic answered, "we'd better hurry too, he moves fast."

"You know, I could-"

"No, we stick together," he turned to me then, "we're going to be away from this place for a while, make sure you have what you need, don't bring clothes and stuff, we have money," then he turned to Rob, "get the car ready and bring the money."

I had no idea what to get so I grabbed some new metal disks that the Informant had made that had new serrated edges and weird sensors and put on my black trenchcoat over the same colored clothes. Over my eyes I slipped my mask that was fitted with a transparent screen that changed my eye color and gave me extra information. Finally I sprayed my hair lighter with a two way can that the Informant had invented, slipping the can in my pocket.

"Nova is back," I said, once I was at the car. They waited expectantly inside a sleek, red Porsche until I slid onto the back seat. The Porsche roared into action and sped towards the door which slowly rose open.

It was an hour before we reached the spot, with Kinetic checking a portable tracker.

"He's still in the area," he said.

"Then what's the plan?" I asked, getting out of the car.

"We approach him and see what he does," Kinetic replied.

"What, you mean we're not going to capture him?" he looked at my confused glance and turned to Rob.

"We don't know what he's capable of, it's better to know your enemy before you try to take him down... study his mindset," I nodded in comprehension, much to their surprise.

The alleyway was dark, all lights in the houses turned off with only the faint light from a distant streetlight providing an inkling of visibility. The visor collected light making my sight clearer and Rob had his helmet, but when I turned round to see Kinetic, his face looking charred again and his eyes like blue flames, I wondered if that gave him a different kind of sight aswell.

Ahead I could see nobody. But there was a scrabbling noise that I couldn't place.

There was a clink and a bottle rolled towards us.

Rob bent down and poked it, then he picked it up and suddenly threw it in the air. The bottle burst into shards of deadly glass which spread out in several directions.

"What was that?" I whispered.

"A test. It seems our enemy has the same mind as us."

There was a flash of darkness ahead which slowly backed out of the alleyway.

We moved towards it, Rob in the lead in his silver armored suit.

He held out his hands and several bins began to move, blocking the exit, but the shadow seemed to slip over it. Then it ran right.

We followed onto a backstreet, cars rushing in the distance and a few passersby wandering past. There was a woman ahead and the shadow grabbed hold of her.

"Let go of her!" Rob ordered, the helmet altering his voice to be deeper. The shadow was silent, but moved backwards with her.

"You want me to let go of her?" the girl asked, her voice breaking in fear.

"There is no need to harm her, let her go and run," he urged.

"And then you'll chase me and we'll begin this all over again!" she said, there was a short pause before she said, "too late," and then shrieked as her own words dawned on her.

The shadow threw her into the traffic on the next street and dissipated into nothingness.

Rob disappeared and grabbed hold of her as he disappeared again.

He reappeared before us, but the girl screamed at the sight of Kinetic.

"Don't worry," Kinetic siad, "you are safe now," the girl looked at the three of us and gave us a faint smile, then ran away.

"So what do we do now?" I asked once she'd gone.

"We stay in the area and put together what we know," Kinetic replied.

"Let's hope we get 4," I said.

The End

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