Matt: Becoming the Hero

Up the stairs was a corridor of rooms, bedrooms and libraries and studies and training rooms that were all in the middle of being refurbished in the hope that the rooms would look "classy". At the end of the corridor was Robs study and bedroom, an impressively sized room.

The room itself was probably the same size of a small house, high vaulted ceilings and large dark wooden columns, there was a large rich rug on the floor detailing events that would probably be from Robs own life. They looked pretty impressive. There there were several bookcases to the right that looked like a maze and a series of high tech computers at the end and to the left was a curtained partition that led to his bedroom.

He lay on his bed, not bothering to shut the drapes.

"Rob," I called gently, "you ok bud?" but there was no answer.

"Phase you're taking the loss of your friend far too harshly, this isn't like you at all!" he chipped in, almost angrily.

"I'm not upset damn it!" he suddenly shouted, "I'm just... tired," he sighed and rolled over.

We left and closed the door.

"Ah well, now we will continue your training," he led me to his own study which was much smaller, just a computer, a bookcase and a hair, "we've worked on the physical side, now we must work on the mental side, this is were you need the most help-"

"Are you calling me mental?"

"Not as such... I'm talking about your personality-"

"Oh?" I snapped, rather stand-offish, "and whats wrong with my personality?"

"You are selfish and rather self centred, this needs to change," I marvelled at the bluntness of this guy, who says these things.

"May I remind you that I just destroyed the lab, forsaking the key to my past for all the superhumans in this damn world..."

"Ah yes, the one and only unselfish decision you have ever made in your life," he sat down on a chair and faced me. I looked down at him angrily, "but you have always been this way.. why did you try to become a hero... why did you join the police force?"

"Easy, I wanted to save lives, the police force was another way to do this, to provide an alternate lifestyle to protect my loved ones-"

"Wrong, you long centered your life around finding out your own past, getting your best friend to help you unknowingly, but even his expert tracking skills weren't good enough for you so you joined the police force to get more information... and your own selfish ends harm your brother. He was a man that was dedicated to truly helping and healing people, but your actions have sent him on the exact path you are on... thanks to you he is embracing the power within him and will be consumed by it."

I stared open mouthed. Eventually I spoke.

"Is there a point to all this?" I asked throught gritted teeth.

"Yes, it is now time to change, it is now time to forget everything. You need to forget your old lifestyle and become the very thing you swore to be-"

His words were cut off as the lights dimmed red and an eerie wailing filled the room. We turned to each other, all my anger was drained.

"It's him!" we said.

The End

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