Matt: More Training

"Come on!" he blasted several kinetic bolts at me, each one I manipulated and threw back which he dodged with ease, "you need to be unpredictable, surprise me, don't rely purely on force!"

He threw a bolt of kinetic energy at the floor, the earth shook a little and before I knew it he blsated a bolt at my face.

"See how I do it, don't just keep throwing them at me, outmanouvre me," I place my hands on the ground and felt the tremors. I used them to break open the floor, a crack that went right at his feet. The ground broke at his feet and he toppled to the room below. I ran to the hole but couldn't see anything. I landed gently where he should have and looked around myself.

"Not bad, now try and find me," there were machines and such all over the place, I saw a shadow somewhere ahead standing still. I moved towards it but it was just a dummy. I lost hope and simply hurtled through the maze of technology, humming and crackling impairing my senses.

There was a huge plast of energy that took me by surprise and knocked me into something big. then he was gone.

"Shoddy, terrible!" he cried out from nowhere, "you expect to get this guy when you can't even find me?" he laughed at me, "this guy is an expert at what he does, he can disappear in the darkness and he is in many places at once to strike out when you least expect it, what hope do you have... Nova," he cackled, saying the name like it was a badge of shame.

I became as quiet as possible and closed my eyes, listening.

The humming was incessant, never-ending and thoroughly annoying. But behind that I could hear the shuffling of feet.

I moved towards it as quietly as possible.

I opened my eyes and saw the figure of someone crouching. I concentrated on the electricity around me and took it in. I struck the metal object that he was crouching behind. immediately his cry rang through the warehouse.

I stood above him, "I win," I smiled.

"Finally," he laughed as I helped him up, "not bad kid, not bad, but you still have a long way to go."

"Hey, wheres Rob?" I asked.

"He's taking the loss of his friend pretty tough, plus that vision..." the informant had been approached by the military to aid in the construction of a space-ship that could traverse through deeper space so that we could try and find extra-terrestrial life, as such he would be gone for quite a while and in my knowledge, Rob and the Informant had known each other for quite a while. Also, the construction of this new base would be put on hold meaning his dream of uniting the groups that had formed would take a while longer to come to fruition.

"Well let's find him, 'cos we need more info on this character we're chasing."

The End

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