Tom: Jabari and Jamila

We turned to see Detonate and Deflector in a serious battle. Detonate against his will flung explosion after explosion at Deflector whose invisible shield knocked them away to explode elsewhere, it was dangerous stuff.

"Stay here," I told Bree, "I can dodge them-"

"-and I could get there and back before you could blink!" she snapped and in a second she ran past Detonate, punching him in the face.

Detonate growled in anger and flung several explosions about the place.

Bree stood next to me, "Ok that didn't work, I just riled him up some more," Detonates  explosions became more and more intense.

One explosion hit the shield and bounced off right at Detonate. The explosion struck his body, sending him flying through the air like a ragdoll.

Deflectors eyes widened and for a moment she was too stunned to move.

"Jabari!" she screamed and ran over to him, sobbing.

I couldn't move, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, then kissed his lips. Slowly a green mist enveloped her. The mist began to reach out like smoky tendrils. The mist reached me and I caught a whiff of peppermint, a glow of warmth spreading through my body.

It even reached out to our enemies who had stopped fighting.

Slowly everyone began to heal, even Horror began breathing, and they all seemed to snap out of some daze that had held them.

They all looked at each other, "this isn't what we wanted!" Vladimir said, "come," he said and the group ran back into the house.

But my eyes were on Detonate. His whole body was badly burned and he was barely breathing, I knew he wouldn't have had long. But the mist seemed to help, almost lifting him in the air. A certain sense of tranquility came over me and I thought this was a good thing.

I had felt these effects before, from Aura, her mother. But she didn't have this ability... so how was she doing it?

Slowly the burns began to fade and Jabari's breathing became less pained and stronger.

Deflector collapsed on top of Jabari and at first I thought she was hugging him, but when his eyes opened he looked down at her, shocked. He grabbed hold of her and rolled her over, one arm around her head holding it up, the other caressing her face.

"Jamila?" he cooed softly, "oh Jamila why did you do it?" a tear fell down his cheek, "you know what happens when you call on your mothers power, you know it hurts you," I expected her to reply and I think Jabari did too.

There was silence. Everything had gone dead.

"Jamila?" he repeated, he placed his fingers at her neck, "TOM!" he shouted. I was over at his side in a moment as he gestured towards her.

I traced her pulse, it was very weak.

"She has gone comatose, Detonate, what did she do?"

He could barely speak, "she used powers her mum taught her, but with her it takes away her life force-"

"-transfering her life into you, but you were close to death, which means-"

"JAMILA!" he screamed, his face burned, his eyes smouldering with a fiery intent, "don't leave me!"

I was overcome with emotion, it was like watching a sad ending to a film, except this was real.

"Don't give up on me," he tried to smile, it was pained, "come on baby, come back," his voice broke as he said this, strangled and weak he said, "come back."

He laid her head gently on the ground and turned to the house.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" he roared at the house and stood up, spreading his arms out wide.

"No Detonate-"

"Outta my way!" he pushed me aside and stepped closer.

Explosions spiralled up and down the house but it came out looking fine. Several huge explosions struck certain spots like windows and doors.

Slowly, it had an effect on the house. Scorches here and there and fragments of wood and brick.

"Tom," Vixen was beside me, "Tom that house is tied to the life essence of a Superhuman inside, each explosion weakens her... she will die if Detonate breaks through," she warned, her voice low in my ear, "but theres more," her voice was shaky from sadness, "Whilst we were fighting, I felt a strange presence, like somebody was controlling them... a similar presence I felt on Shift when we all fought and on you a moment ago..."

"JABARI!" I yelled and tackled him to the ground. He rolled me over and punched me in the face several times. I didn't stop him, I wanted him to get some anger out.

He looked down at my cut and bloodied face, and froze.

"They didn't know what they were doing," I whispered, "besides... Jamila needs you, she needs a hospital," I said. That brought him round.

He got off me and lifted me up, "I am-"

"-forget it," I tried to smile. It hurt a little, "look, phone me whatever happens pal," I said. He shook my hand and rushed to Jamila's side, picking her up and stroking her face.

"It's gonna be alright," I heard him say as he ran off.

The End

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