Bree: Help

I'm getting squashed by Horrors bloody paws. My breath is coming out in gasps, my rib cage suffercating me. I can see little spots appearing in front of my eyes. I'm so not gonna get beaten by this thing!

I wanna move but it's paw is inabling me to do so.

A sword slices off another one of Horrors paws. He howls in pain then turns to his new attacker. I gulp at the air as it rushes into my lungs. Never in my life have I ever been so gratefull for the air I breath.

I slowly get to my feet to see Tom fighting Horror. I shake my head and run as fast as I can into the beast, my arms as swords. I jump up and land on Horrors back. I start to slice at him, making him howl even more loudly.

The beasts blood splurts in my face, I grit my teeth, I know this is going to kill him. I can see Tom attacking Horrors legs. I suddenly loose my grip on Horror and fall off him onto the hard ground.

I jump up and shake my head. I rush over and help Tom out with Horror. "Thanks!" I yell over Horrors screams and the others fighting. After we've finished him off we'll have to be quick to helpthe others. I smile, I like to go fast.

Tom looks at me confused, both of us still slicing away. "What for?" He yells back. I laugh and start to run around in cirles, slicing the beast as I go. I stop next to Tom. "For helping." I giggle. Tom looks a little shocked how moments ago I was the other side of Horror. I laugh again and jump onto the beast.

I dig my shoes into Horrors cuts, helping me to get up without any arms. I'm sitting on top of him again, I have to think of some way to get this killing machine down!

My eyes search around the monster quickly. I can hear the others in trouble. C'mon! I smile as an idea flashes in my head. I quickly change my swords back into arms.

I scrunch my nose up at what I'm about to do. I take a gulp of air and stick my arms into Horrors cut in front of me. I change my arms into swords, Horror howls out. Tom sees his advantage and runs forward.

I start to move my sword arms around the inside of the beast. I can hear Horror scream out then fall limp to the floor. I can no longer feel or smell Horrors manky breath.

I take out my sword arms and turn them back into normal. I get off of Horror and start shaking my arms, trying to get off his blood. I look at Tom and see him smiling. I scowl at him. "Don't ever mention what I just did." I say making him laugh.

I shake my head, realising that I'm laughing to. I look around. The others need help! I run off to help them without a second thought.

The End

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