Tom: Temptation

Admittedly I was sort of wierded out by the group of people in front of us, such a strange assortment. But why where they targeting us? well the name probably gave it away. My eyes passed down the rest of the group, lingering on Bree at the end. She locked eyes with me and smiled.

Handy came at me, good, I wanted payback.

The hand came from his arm and jumped up at me in a fist to punch my face. I dodged as the man sent his other fist my way. Bending into an awkward position the fists flew past me. I grabbed his arm flipped him over my head. Spinning around I got out my sword and sliced at the hand, cutting off a thumb. The man shrieked in pain and got up. Kind of angry.

I could see Bree fighting Horror and having a tough time of it too. Detonate and Deflector where having fun tormenting Vladimir, throwing explosions at him and batting him about with invisible shields. Hunter, Shift and Vixen all took on Alura who would screech and sing at them. As one became incapacitated however, another would come to help.

Handy came at me again. It was stupid, this group was so weak, how come it hadn't ended yet?

Before he could move another inch I threw a sword at the hand and placed my second at Handy's neck.

"Don't move or I'll slice it off," I warned.

I felt a surge of anger at him, at the group that came from nowhere. I really wanted to kill him. I had never wanted to hurt anyone before.

"Do it," he taunted. I felt sweat beading my forehead, "or are you too weak?"

I moved the sword closer, cutting his neck slightly. I took pleasure at the sight of the blood. It was eerie, my senses were dampened, like I had cotton wool stuffed in my head and that this was all that really mattered.

"Tom," I heard a shout from near me, "a little help would be great!" Bree was in real trouble.

My senses returned. All of them where in trouble, the tide had turned. Vladimir had caught Detonate against Deflector, Alura had all three trapped in some spell that was making them go insane.

I hit Handy over the head and went to help Bree first. I had to help her!

The End

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