Bree: Horror

"You have got to be kidding me." I mutter under my breath. I came here to get away from all this, not to be dragged into a slaughtering! I can see the others getting ready to fight. I catch Toms eye. I smile at him then change my arms into two beautiful swords that shine when any light hits them.

I can hear one of the superhuman slayers say something, making the others smile wickedly. I grit my teeth, waiting for them to attack. I'm rocking gently on the balls of my feet. C'mon attack! I never attack without a good reason,that's only if i get attacked first.

The beast thing growls and scratches out but we quickly move out of its deadly claws. "That's it!" I growl and start to run as fast as I can around the beastly creature. I quickly turn and go in to stab it but it moves away from my swords. Wow, this thing has quick reactions!

I can hear the others fighting too but I tune them out, all my focus going into killing Horror. I start to run around the place, trying to work out the creatures weaknesses but Ican't see any now! I sigh and run in for another attack. Sweat is running down my back, clinging to my body.

I slash out at Horrors legs but it moves and growls at me, taking a swipe at me. It catches my leg with the tip of one of his claws. I fall to the ground and hiss out in pain. I change my right arm back to normal and grab my bloody leg.

I get up slowly and growl at the creature who growls back. I can see the others fighting andgrit my teeth. I can fight just as well as any of them! I rush over to Horror again, but I've got a limp making me slow down.

I slice at the creature and cut off one of his paws. I smile as the creature screams out loud, it's blood squirting everywhere! I frown at my sword in desgust. Ew, monster blood. I run to the creture again but this time it's ready for me.

I hits my with its thick tail, sending my crashing to the floor. I growl at Horror, this is going to be harder then I thought.

The End

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