"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"He doesn't have a choice."

"I wasn't talking to you!"

"Alright quiet, I want to go Rob,  it's a great oppurtunity. Besides it looks good for us Superhumans too."

I patted his shoulder.

"If you want to go I can't stop you but... are you coming back?"

He looked at the General then back at me, "I will come back."

With that they took him away.

The TV was especially boring to me now, I switched through the channels. On one a misguided youth killed off people through some notebook, on another the Sith were trampling upon the New Republic and then on another, kids were being creamed by Greek monsters.

Without realising I fell asleep in front of the TV.

My dream was wierd.

It started on an island. There was a green coloured boy riding a rainbow coloured bird. The two were hit by something and fell to the ground as a wave came to engulf the place.

Then I was in a room, an interrogation room were a Vampire went crazy and killed everyone. He looked at me and came at me.

Then I was in a basement were a boy was curled up in a corner. He was deathly pale with fangs and a foaming mouth, surrounded by dead bodies.

Then I was in an alleyway were a man with wings was shot by some sort of soldier, he was dying.

Then I saw her, my long lost love overcome by wave after wave of his soldiers.

Then I saw an archangel fall from grace.

A group of teens trapped on an Island attacked by others and each other, chaos.

A war between several races that brought only bloodshed.

Another war between two races.

And then... then I saw a face, and the face saw me. Our eyes locked. He looked up into the sky and something burning fell. Several things. The whole place was being destroyed by meteorites, fire, famine, plague, despair, death everywhere!

I woke up, sweat covering my body.

"What's up with you?"

My vision cleared and I saw Matt looking at me.

"I just had visions of several Dimensions, in each one there was death, pain...  in the end I saw... an apocalypse."

The End

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